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  1. jihad
  2. Longevity gap
  3. Ashkenazim
  4. Sharia religious law
  5. Syncretic religion
  1. a One of the two main ethnic groups within the Jewish culture. This branch eventually settled in Central Europe after having been driven out of Jerusalem early in the first millenium A.D
  2. b Islamic Law: based on varying degrees of interpretation on the Qu'ran
  3. c the gap between the life expectancy of men and women
  4. d a holy war waged by Muslims against infidels
  5. e separate religions that combine into a new religion; often borrow from the past and the present.

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  1. the force generated by a person's actions that determines how the person will be reborn in the next life
  2. the bride is brutally beat or killed for her fathers failure to fulfill the marriage agreement
  3. The belief in material things instead of religious things.
  4. the belief that inanimate objects, such as hills, trees, rocks, rivers, and other elements of natural landscape, possess souls and can help or hinder human efforts on Earth
  5. Complete or partial removal of the clitora on girls under the age of eleven

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  1. gendera member of the branch of Islam that accepts the first four caliphs as rightful successors to Muhammad


  2. Reincarnationa religion identified with a particular ethnic group and largely exclusive to it


  3. Religious fundamentalismembodiment in a new form (especially the reappearance or a person in another form)


  4. diasporathe dispersion of the Jews outside Israel


  5. maternal mortality ratethe gap between the life expectancy of men and women