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  1. Thomas Paine
  2. Free Will; Reason
  3. Benjamin Franklin
  4. Thomas Jefferson
  5. Patrick Henry
  1. a He was an author of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 (where he listed 26 grievances, and referred to King George III as "he" )
  2. b He wrote The American Crisis
  3. c He challenged those at the Virginia convention
  4. d He wrote "The Autobiography"
  5. e Led to the Amer Rev: - ___ and ___- a philosophy which focused on breaking free and democracy

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  1. Led to the Amer Rev: - A Wealth of Nations by Scotsman _____ addressed capitalism, profit on investment and labor and questioned the colonists.
  2. A Scottish man, wrote "A Wealth of Nations", says you have a right to make money when you invest, economics, capitalism.
  3. He spoke in rhetorical questions
  4. made broadsides
  5. The theme emphasizes that ____ is a universal goal.

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  1. Great AwakeningJonathan Edwards has a _______.


  2. life, liberty and the pursuit of material wealthWhat were the human rights that Locke instated?


  3. Voltaire____ was a French philosopher


  4. John LockeLed to the Amer Rev: The writings of the British philosopher ____ which instilled the idea that all human beings had natural rights and are entitled to political and economic freedoms regardless of birth—unlocked inalienable rights—greatly influenced by Jefferson


  5. conservative; radicalThe theme emphasizes that ____ is a universal goal.


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