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  1. July 4, 1776
  2. freewill
  3. life, liberty and the pursuit of material wealth
  4. representative government
  5. Thomas Paine
  1. a What were the human rights that Locke instated?
  2. b Led to the Amer Rev: The idea of ____ which Britain had enjoyed through the Parliament and the colonists had witnessed
  3. c Great Awakening: Through God's guidance and inclination ___ occurs
  4. d He wrote Common Sense
  5. e When was the Declaration of Independence signed?

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  1. A Scottish man, wrote "A Wealth of Nations", says you have a right to make money when you invest, economics, capitalism.
  2. He wrote The American Crisis, wrote Common Sense, he wrote 92 essays, made bumper stickers, made broadsides, he was "buried" in the ocean because USA, France and Spain didn't want him.
  3. He wrote "A Wealth of Nations".
  4. Led to the Amer Rev: The ___ set forth in early America: a political, religious and economic ___.
  5. ____ was a French philosopher

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  1. VoltaireHe came up with separation of church and state. He was a French philosopher, also.


  2. Yale, 13Jonathan Edwards went to ___ at age __. (School)


  3. Thomas PaineHe wrote The American Crisis


  4. pre-destinationEdwards was a strong believer in _______.


  5. Thomas Paine____ was a French philosopher


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