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  1. Patrick Henry
  2. *
  3. conservative; radical
  4. Benjamin Franklin
  5. Voltaire
  1. a READ: Events and Laws Leading to the American Revolution, France gives up rights to north American territory, Stamp Act, Townshend Acts, Glass Act, Sugar Act, Tea Act/Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre, Quartering
    ANSWER: *
  2. b Who didn't really write Poor Richard's Almanac?
  3. c Jonathan Edwards was both a ___ and ____.
  4. d ____ was a French philosopher
  5. e He said "Give me liberty or give me death."

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  1. He says you have a right to make money when you invest, economics, capitalism.
  2. He wrote "A Wealth of Nations".
  3. made bumper stickers
  4. When was the Declaration of Independence signed?
  5. Jonathan Edwards went to ___ at age __. (School)

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  1. VoltaireHe came up with separation of church and state. He was a French philosopher, also.


  2. Benjamin FranklinThe theme emphasizes that ____ is a universal goal.


  3. John LockeLed to the Amer Rev: - The separation of church and state stated by ___


  4. Adam SmithLed to the Amer Rev: The writings of the British philosopher ____ which instilled the idea that all human beings had natural rights and are entitled to political and economic freedoms regardless of birth—unlocked inalienable rights—greatly influenced by Jefferson


  5. Great AwakeningHe wrote Common Sense