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how did the us change after huge amounts of oil were discovered in texas in 1901
prices went down, larges and produces
explain how this event still shapes out lives...even today
cars were made, economy booms
why did los angeles city leaders need to seek water sources outside the city
they couldn't find any water in california, only got 2 inches of rain
what do you think were the risks of bringing in water from beyond the city limits
aquaduct burst, lakes dry up
what was the great migration and when did it take place
1915-1930, heading north to find new ideas/experiences
why do you think there was so much tension and violence against african americans in urban areas in the 1910's and 1920's
the money was going to white people
what were some of the reasons for and against prohibition in the 1920's
for- total ban
against- addiction, drunks
despite the ban on alcohol, why do you think sales of liquor continued, and what were some methods police used to stop it
people enjoyed it and broke the law