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Chapter 7 review for Fei Fei Pan's Earth Science test


The Human body contains ____ water


T or F: Pure water rarely occurs in nature because it is solvent.


Water has a density of ______


Water covers approximately _____ of Earth's surface.


The process by which water and water vapor emerge from layers deep within and below the crust is called

Ice sheets and glaciers

The largest portion of fresh water today is located in:

97% of Earth's waters

Earth's oceans possess


Other than ice sheets and glaciers, the largest repository of fresh water is located in

Hydrogen Bonding

Water molecules bind tightly to one another. This is a result of:

Hydrogen end = positively charged, Oxygen end = negatively charged

Hydrogen bonding results from the fact that

Water vapor freezing to ice

The term deposition refers to

Latent Heat

What is the heat energy involved in the change of phase?

releases; heats

When water condenses, it ____ heat energy and ____ the surrounding air

Ice to water

Which of the following phase changes decreases the temperature of the air?

Water expands in volumes as it freezes

In winter, freezing water can break pipes and even crack engine blocks. How does this happen?


Water vapor in the atmosphere is called

Relative Humidity

The amount of water vapor in the air at a given temperature expressed as a percentage of the water vapor capacity of the air is called:

Temperature of both the air and the water vapor

The capacity of the air to hold water vapor is basically a function of:

Dew-point temperature

A mass of air always becomes saturated when it reaches the:

Drybulb; wetbulb

A sling psychrometer has two thermometers, one is called _________, and the other is called ________

Anemometers & barometers

Which of the following is not used to measure relative humidity?

Drier; lower

The greater the difference in temperature between the wet bulb and dry bulb on a sling psychrometers, the ___ the air is and the ____ the relative humidity

Wetter; closer

The smaller the difference in temperature between wet bulb and dry bulb on a sling psychrometer, the _____ the air is and the ______ the air temperature is to dew-point.


The general term that refers to the tendency of a parcel of air to either remain in place of change its initial position is _________

Continues to rise until it reaches an altitude at which the surrounding air has a similar temperature

An air percale is considered unstable when it


When the environmental lapse rate is greater than the dry adiabatic lapse rate the atmospheric conditions are

Conditional unstable

When the environmental lapse rate is greater than the moisture adiabatic lapse rate and less than the dry adiabatic lapse rate, the atmospheric conditions are


When the environmental lapse rate is less than the moist adiabatic lapse rate, the atmospheric conditions are:

Less; condensation heats the air

The wet adiabatic lapse rate is ____ than the dry adiabatic lapse rate because ___________

The air is simultaneously being cooled by expansion and heated by condensation

Which of the following statements regarding rising air, in which dew point temperature has been reached is correct?

Condensation nuclei and saturated air

The condensation process requires

Collision-coalescence process

The principle process for raindrop formation in tropical warm clouds is:

low; middle; high; vertically developed; cirroform; stratoform; cumul form

List four cloud types classified by altitude: _____, _____, ______, and ___________. List three cloud types classified by form: ______, ______, and _______

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