Environmental Science: Chapter 4 Vocabulary

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all of the organisms living in an area together with their physical environment
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an inherited trait that increases an organism's chance of survival and reproduction in a certain environmentAdaptationthe selective breeding of organisms by humans for specific characteristicsArtificial selectionthe ability of one or more organisms to tolerate a particular chemical designed to kill itResistanceoften found in extreme places, such as hot springsArchaeavery common and can be found in many places, including soil and animal bodiesBacteriaan organism whose cells have nuclei and cell wallsFungusa diverse group of both unicellular and multicellular organismsProtistwoody plants that produce seeds, but their seeds or not enclosed in fruitGymnospermflowering plants that produce seeds in fruitAngiospermanimals that lack backbonesInvertebrateanimals that have backbonesVertebrate