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  1. the mucosal lining in the uterus
  2. what does the pampiniform venous plexus do?
  3. after 9 months this becomes the largest muscle in the female body
  4. the uterine layer shed with each monthly cycle is the
  5. sperms acrosomes contain
  1. a functional layer of the endometrium
  2. b endometrium
  3. c uterus
  4. d cools arterial blood to keep the testes below core body temperature
  5. e enzymes

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  1. the pampiniform plexus
  2. areola
  3. infundibulum
  4. ovulation
  5. one mature ovum is produced in oogenesis, and four mature sperm are produced in spermatogenesis

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  1. Which is the most correct sequence of sperm flow in the male duct system?paramesonephric folds


  2. the primary sex organ of the the male is thetestes


  3. The functional layer of the endometrium is shed in response to __________.ovary


  4. male stem cellsoogenesis


  5. where fertilization occurs in the female reproductive tracttubules


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