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  1. the reason why they testes are suspended in the scrotum is
  2. The "other" female sex hormone
  3. this is usually associated with the pituitary gland
  4. what hormone is responsible for the secondary sex characteristics found in women
  5. within the ovary, progesterone is produced by the
  1. a estrogen
  2. b progesterone
  3. c infundibulum
  4. d corpus luteum.
  5. e regulate temperature

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  1. mesosalpinx
  2. seminiferous tubules
  3. fimbriae
  4. chlamydia
  5. vagina

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  1. male stem cellsoogenesis


  2. after 9 months this becomes the largest muscle in the female bodyregulate temperature


  3. in which uterine phase does the functional layer of the endometrium start to rebuildsecondary oocyte


  4. _____________ cells are located between seminiferous tubules, produce testosteroneparamesonephric folds


  5. the barometer hormoneinhibin