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  1. blood flow increases to the penis in response to
  2. after 9 months this becomes the largest muscle in the female body
  3. Which of the following absorb heat from the testes?
  4. Which is the most correct sequence of sperm flow in the male duct system?
  5. male stem cells
  1. a seminiferous tubules, epididymis, vas deferens, ampulla, ejaculatory duct, urethra
  2. b the pampiniform plexus
  3. c uterus
  4. d parasympathetic stimulation
  5. e spermatogonia

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  1. chlamydia
  2. spongy urethra
  3. paramesonephric folds
  4. cools arterial blood to keep the testes below core body temperature
  5. decreased progesterone levels

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  1. within the ovary, progesterone is produced by themesosalpinx


  2. The "other" female sex hormoneinhibin


  3. the surges in LH that occurs during the middle of the ovarian cycle triggerstubules


  4. the pigmented skin that surrounds the nippleareola


  5. _____________ cells are located between seminiferous tubules, produce testosteroneinterstitial