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  1. Which is the most correct sequence of sperm flow in the male duct system?
  2. where fertilization occurs in the female reproductive tract
  3. _____________ cells are located between seminiferous tubules, produce testosterone
  4. The basic difference between spermatogenesis and oogenesis is that __________.
  5. the barometer hormone
  1. a inhibin
  2. b one mature ovum is produced in oogenesis, and four mature sperm are produced in spermatogenesis
  3. c seminiferous tubules, epididymis, vas deferens, ampulla, ejaculatory duct, urethra
  4. d interstitial
  5. e tubules

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  1. chlamydia
  2. testes
  3. make testosterone
  4. uterine tube
  5. uterus

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  1. the ductus deferens by another nameampulla


  2. there are curtains over the ovariesendometrium


  3. the surges in LH that occurs during the middle of the ovarian cycle triggersovulation


  4. vulva by another nameprepuce


  5. a natural antibiotic that females producemake testosterone


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