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  1. women try to time this by temperature changes
  2. Which of the following absorb heat from the testes?
  3. what do interstitial cells do?
  4. the ridge formed by the labia minor
  5. the uterine layer shed with each monthly cycle is the
  1. a make testosterone
  2. b the pampiniform plexus
  3. c functional layer of the endometrium
  4. d fourchette
  5. e ovulation

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  1. proliferative
  2. oogenesis
  3. vagina
  4. mammography
  5. chlamydia

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  1. the reason why they testes are suspended in the scrotum isregulate temperature


  2. The basic difference between spermatogenesis and oogenesis is that __________.ovary


  3. the barometer hormonemammography


  4. the primary sex organ of the the male is thetestes


  5. there are curtains over the ovariesfimbriae