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  1. a natural antibiotic that females produce
  2. The "other" female sex hormone
  3. blood flow increases to the penis in response to
  4. male stem cells
  5. after 9 months this becomes the largest muscle in the female body
  1. a uterus
  2. b parasympathetic stimulation
  3. c spermatogonia
  4. d seminal plasmin
  5. e progesterone

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  1. ovulation
  2. mammography
  3. one mature ovum is produced in oogenesis, and four mature sperm are produced in spermatogenesis
  4. ovum
  5. ovulation

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  1. sperm are produced in the _____________seminiferous tubules


  2. Which is the most correct sequence of sperm flow in the male duct system?the pampiniform plexus


  3. the ductus deferens by another nameampulla


  4. in which uterine phase does the functional layer of the endometrium start to rebuildproliferative


  5. there are curtains over the ovariesendometrium


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