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  1. Which of the following structures makes up most of the male urethral length?
  2. foreskin by another name
  3. Which of the following absorb heat from the testes?
  4. Conversion of haploid spermatids to spermatozoa is specifically called __________.
  5. blood flow increases to the penis in response to
  1. a spermiogenesis
  2. b parasympathetic stimulation
  3. c spongy urethra
  4. d prepuce
  5. e the pampiniform plexus

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  1. progesterone
  2. ovum
  3. uterus
  4. cools arterial blood to keep the testes below core body temperature
  5. ovulation

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  1. the primary sex organ of the the male is theuterine tube


  2. the barometer hormoneinhibin


  3. what do interstitial cells do?spermatogonia


  4. The __________ develop into the female duct system.testes


  5. egg formationmammography