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  1. this supports the uterine tubes
  2. The organ that makes estrogen and progesterone is the __________.
  3. which of the following hormones causes the oocyte to mature
  4. the most common bacterial infection in the US
  5. within the ovary, progesterone is produced by the
  1. a chlamydia
  2. b FSH
  3. c corpus luteum.
  4. d mesosalpinx
  5. e ovary

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  1. spongy urethra
  2. uterine tube
  3. vagina
  4. make testosterone
  5. epididymis

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  1. the ductus deferens by another nameampulla


  2. the primary sex organ of the the male is theuterine tube


  3. this is usually associated with the pituitary glandendometrium


  4. the uterine layer shed with each monthly cycle is thetestes


  5. Which of the following absorb heat from the testes?the pampiniform plexus