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12 terms

Of Places Test 2

red-headed basketball players
"Four-Ring Circus"
boy who memorized while milking
"Toby and 'The Gettysburg Address' "
Miss Smith
"The Kiskis"
Booker T. Washington
"My Struggle for an Education"
student who was late to school
"The Last Lesson"
John Greenleaf Whittier
"In School-Days"
students who brought candy to school
"The Kiskis"
"In School Days"
"I'm sorry that I spelled the word: I hate to go above you."
"My Struggle for an Education"
"The adjoining recitation room needs sweeping. Take the broom and sweep it."
"A Student's Prayer"
"But we need Thy hand to guide us in the studies we pursue,"
"The Last Lesson"
"Vive la France!"
"Four-Ring Circus"
"That slap-happy, out-for-a-picnic brand of basketball fitted them the way maple syrup fits a waffle."