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vegetative soul

refers to the power of the soul which enable it to grow, nourish itself, and reproduce.only plants

rational soul

(OUR soul!) includes all other souls. Also has powers of will and intellect

sensitive soul

(animals-humans are animals and MOST sensitive) Power: 5 senses, some are incomplete. Power of innersenses, locomotion and includes vegetative powers


something existing in perception only

internal senses

sensations conveyed by painful, neutral, and pleasurable sensory information from the bones, joints, and muscles


the representation of what is perceived


to make; a power of the soul that produces certain operations.


the contemplation of your own thoughts and desires and conduct

proper object

the end of a goal of a power of a soul


be aware of


Something that you can't perceived with your senses

Concupiscible appetite:

Goods as desirable or not desirable.

Irascible appetite

Goods that are difficult to attain.


A natural desire

sense appetites

an active tendency within a being towards an object that the senses present to it. "Concupiscible and Irascible appetites"


"soul" and soma, "body"; having to do with the body-soul union.

naturally good

not choosing a side.

morally neutral

to do with human activities that are free and that are in conformity to God's will.

five external senses

sight, touch, smell, taste, hearing

the four internal senses

Common sense, Imagination, Memory, Estimative/cogitative sense

Common sense

sound practical judgment


the ability to recall something in the mind


to think of something that happened in the past




the act of moving from one place to another


A goal for which a knowing being strives.

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