Playboy McMannahan Lines

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Esmerelda: I should never agreed to marry you!I'm tellin' ya , Baby, I thought that girl was my sister or else I'd never have done that. We're just very close in the McMannahan Clannahan.Esmerelda: I must say "Very Close" since you were having sexual intercourse with her hand!It's just an inside joke between us. You know I love you, Baby.Esmerelda: You will let me alone! This squalid place shall be my new home.This fleabucket of a dustbag?Captain Iditarod: Don't you have dreams, Playboy McMannahan?I don't believe I ever told you my name.Captain Iditarod: I have a chip in my brain that tells me everything.Prove it! Mary had a little-Lamb! Shiver me-Timbers! One, two, three, four-Five, six, seven...Captain Iditarod: Eight, nine, ten, I could keep going.Uncanny!Esmerelda: I am going to rip out my own battery unless you, Playboy McMannahan, leave this Spacebar this instant!But dollface!Esmerelda: (Starting a quiet scream) aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!Don't!Esmerelda: aaaaaaahhhHHHHH!All right, all right! (Spin in the air) But I'm comin' back and when I do your gears'll be grovelin', mark my words-you'll be cryin' "TAKE ME BACK!" (Put fishbowl on and leave)