16 terms

Computer Modeling 2

Which sequence represents the hierarchy of terms, from smallest to largest?
Field, record, table, database.
You edit several records in an Access table. When should you execute the save command?
Records are saved automatically; the save command is not required.
Which of the following is not true of an Access database?
Every table in a database contains the same number of records as every other table.
Which of the following is true regarding the record selector box?
An orange border surrounds the record selector box and the active record.
Which of the following will be accepted as valid during data entry?
Entering numbers into a text field.
You have finished an Access assignment and wish to turn it in to your instructor for evaluation. As you prepare to transfer the file, you discover that it has more than double in size. You should:
Compact and repair the database before sending it to your instructor.
Which of the following conditions is available through Filter by Selection?
Equals condition
An employees table is open in Datasheet view. You want to sort the names alphabetically by last name and then by first name. To do this, you must:
First sort ascending on first name and then on last name.
When entering, deleting, or editing table data:
The table must be in datasheet view.
When importing data into Access, which of the following statements is true?
You can assign a primary key while you are importing Excel data.
The main reason to enforce referential integrity in Access is to
Keep invalid data from being entered into a table.
An illustration of a one-to-many relationship would be
Customer having multiple orders.
A query's specifications providing instructions about which records to include must be entered on the:
Criteria row of the query design grid
When adding Value criteria to the Query Design view, the value you enter must be delimited by
It is more efficient to make a copy of an existing query rather than create a new query when which of the following is true?
The existing query and the new query use the same tables and fields
Which of the following is true for the Query Wizard?
No criteria can be added.