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What type of cells removes malformed sperm?

Sertoli cells

What cells and intercellular junction make up the blood testis barrier?

Sertoli cells

tight junctions

Sertoli cells have receptors for what hormone?

FSH receptors

What cells produce anti-mullerian hormone?

Sertoli cells

What cells produce androgen-binding protein? What is the function of this protein?

Sertoli cells

ABP binds testosterone in order to concentrate it for use in sperm maturation.

What is the function of inhibin secreted by the Sertoli cells?

Decrease FSH release by pituitary to slow spermatogenesis

What type of hormone receptors do interstitial cells of Leydig possess?

LH Receptors

What is synthesized by Sertoli cells in response to FSH?

Androgen-binding protein

What is produced by Leydig cells in response to LH?


What product of the Leydig cells has negative feedback on GnRH release?


What product of the Sertoli cells inhibits synthesis and release of FSH from the anterior pituitary gland?


What structure links the seminiferous tubule to the rete testis?

Tubulus rectus

What type of epithelium makes up the tubulus rectus?

Simple cuboidal to simple columnar

What type of cells make up the tubulus rectus?

Sertoli cells

Name the 2 types of cells found in the efferent ducts

nonciliated cuboidal cells

ciliated columnar cells

Which cells of the efferent ducts reabsorb fluids (water and salt)?

Nonciliated cells

Which cells of the efferent ducts help spermatozoa move upwards by means of metachronal waves?

Ciliated cells

What epithelium makes up the ductus epididymis?

Pseudostratified columnar epithelium with branching stereocilia

What structure assists in the phagocytosis of residual cytoplasmic bodies of the released mature spermatids?

Ductus epididymis

What type of epithelium makes up the ductus deferens?

Pseudostratified columnar epithelium with stereocilia

What structure connects the rete testis to the epididymis?

ductus efferents

List the order of structures going from the testis

tubulus rectus

rete testis

ductuli efferentes


vas deferens

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