Social Studies: Chapter 1 (The Land and the People)


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What are the names and locations of the two mountain ranges that cross the U.S. from north to south?
The Rocky Mountains in the west and the Appalachian Mountains in the east.
What are the United States' important natural resources?
Energy resources, water, minerals, and land
What is the major use of mineral resources in the United States?
To be used in energy and manufacturing
What are some ways geographers divide land into regions?
By the land's location or its physical features, people who live there and share common characteristics, and the crops grown and the products produced there.
What is the Breadbasket?
An economic region that is the agricultural center of the U.S.
Why do Americans celebrate so many different holidays, such as Hanukkah and St. Patrick's Day?
People who came to the U.S. brought their native cultures with them.
What effect has technology had on our environment?
Humans can now change the environment in good and bad ways.
How did the creation of the Hoover Dam change the environment in a positive way?
It created a lake that is used to irrigate over a million acres of land.
What is a reservoir?
A lake where water is stored for future use.
Who is responsible for our country's natural resources?
All the people who live in the United States.