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Theatre History

Where did Western theatre begin?
7th century BCE
When did Western theatre begin?
Which god did the festival in Greece honor?
wine, crops, and fertility
What was Dionysus the god of?
drunk men sing
What occured during the festival of Dionysus that was the start of Western theatre?
6th century BCE - wrote poems in between songs at the festival
What occured between the songs and when?
Who is a famous poet?
What does thespis mean?
Poems thanked and honored Dionysus
How did good crops influence poems?
Poems plead for good crops and ridicula Dionysus
How did bad crops influence poems?
Pretend to be Dionysus (acting)
What did the chourus leader do?
3-5 men, a chorus of 15 men
How many people did the fisrt plays have?
Who was not allowed to act?
Aristophanes, Euripides, and Sophocles
Name 3 famous Greek playrights
Oedipus Rex
What play did Sophocles write
the renaissance
What occured during the Elizibethan period?
a time marked by curiousity that went beyond what the church said was acceptable
What is the renaissance?
15th and 16th century
When was the renaissance?
elizabethan theatre
What theatre was around during the renaissance?
A time of great art, music, and theatre
What was the renaissance a great time of?
William Shakespeare
Who is the most famous playwriter? (hint: he's from where you were born!)
What does wherefore mean?
The Theatre and The Globe
Whta are the 2 famous theatres in England?
it burned down and was replaced by The Globe
What happened to The Theatre and what replaced it?
Ceiling of the globe
slanted so you could see
stages of the globe
2:00 pm for light so you could see
what time were the plays performed at?
What was flown outside of the theatre to indicate type of play?
What did each flag color represent?
All male - NO women
What gender were the actors?
not realistic acting
What does stylized acting mean?
20th century
When is modern theatre?
Where is the Moscow Art Theatre
Who worked there?
He was an actor, teacher, and a director
What did Constantin do?
The method
What did Constantin create?
A way for an actor to find the inner truth of a character and communicate that truth to the audience
What is the method?
The greatest actor in the United States
Who is Marlon Brando?
use the method
What was he the first actor in the U.S. to do?
a conflict
What must every story have?
How many types of conflicts are there?
Physical, metaphysical, and psychological
What are the three types of conflicts?
a conflict that occurs between 2 tangible forces (i.e. people)
What is a physical conflict?
a conflict between a person and an intangible force
What is a metaphysical conflict?
man vs. fate, man vs. nature, man vs. God
What are some examples of a metaphysical conflict?
a mental issue
What is a psychological conflict?
central character of the play whose will dictates the action that takes place in the story
What is a protagonist?
the character who opposes the will of the protagonist
What is an antagonist?