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  1. bauble
  2. perspicacity
  3. factious
  4. chagrin
  5. shard
  1. a a fragment
  2. b causing disagreement
  3. c a showy but useless thing
  4. d keenness of judgement
  5. e embarrassment; a complete loss of courage

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  1. a total rejection of established laws
  2. to correct; to make right
  3. dishonorable; shameful
  4. a complicated network of winding passages; a maze
  5. pertaining to sexual love

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  1. impotenta barrier; obstruction


  2. ephemerallasting only a brief time; short-lived


  3. besiegeworn out; barren


  4. impedimentpowerless; lacking strength


  5. altruisma total rejection of established laws