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UC Sociology 1001 - Final Exam

Professor: Mel Posey #1-29: True or False #30-48: Multiple Choice #49-51: Extended Response
In Japan, a philosophy based on cooperation and group effort ensures virtually every student qualifies for admission to college.
Social integration promotes a student's dedication to a national identity.
Tracking is a form of gatekeeping in which students are sorted by their perceived abilities rather than their achieved abilities.
Conflict theorists stress that the hidden curriculum in schools perpetuate social inequalities.
The Rist research demonstrated that social class and not intellectual capability was the basis of how teachers assigned students to reading levels in kindergarten.
George Farkas discovered that girls and Asian American students receive higher grades than their academic equals because they know how to signal their teachers they are better students.
The increase in verbal test scores on the Scholastic Aptitude Test from 1996 to 1997 is due to a better prepared student, which has become possible through computer-assisted learning.
Statistics accumulated since 1992 show school deaths have progressively increased due to shootings every year.
The word church, as used by Durkheim, is synonymous with the concept of a moral community.
Conflict theorists see religion as being the means of social change and an instrument to establish a perfect society.
The desire to accumulate capital as duty and to constantly reinvest it is what Max Weber referred to as the Protestant ethic.
A fundamental effort of cults is evangelism, the active recruitment of new members.
Ecclesia and state religions are the same thing.
As a group, Jews and Jehovah's Witnesses are status consistent in respect to income, education, and occupational prestige.
According to Karl Marx, capitalism was responsible for the masses moving from the country to the city.
The donation of medicine and food by the Most Industrialized Nations to the Least Industrialized Nations has upset the demographic transition and the balance between family and property.
Today's global divisions actually began to erupt in the early 1800s with the advancements made by the industrial revolution.
Because of its advances under the North American Free Trade Act, Mexico will most likely be the next nation to join the Group of 8.
An invention is defined as a new way of seeing some aspect of the world that has already existed.
Discovery will always bring extensive change to a society because it introduces new technology and cultural progress.
Democracy, citizenship, and capitalism all qualify as being social inventions.
Cultural lag was a term coined by William Ogburn to refer to a situation in which some parts of a culture adapt to an invention or discovery more rapidly than other parts.
The term propaganda is a neutral term.
When famous individuals endorse a product or candidate, the bandwagon propaganda technique is being used.
Most social movements fail at the resource mobilization stage.
The competition between the Most Industrialized Nations' push for continued economic growth and the Industrializing Nations' efforts to catch up and develop their economies is having a disastrous impact on the global environment.
Based on the text, there is no energy shortages forthcoming due to boundless energy provided by the sun and the tides.
Technology is the driving force behind social change.
A central sociological principle is that a nation's education system reflects its culture.
How are public schools primarily funded?
local property taxes
In a study of teacher expectations, sociologist George Farkas found that females and Asian Americans averaged higher course grades even though the scores on course work were the same for all students no matter the race/ethnicity or gender. What did Farkas conclude was the reason for this finding?
They knew how to signal teachers by being more eager and cooperative.
Who developed the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy that explains why originally false assumptions become true because the outcome was predicted?
Robert Merton
What do less rigorous teachings, dummied down textbooks, and less reading have in common with watching television, and playing video games and computer games?
All are related to low verbal scores on the SAT tests.
Renee has difficulty reading and writing. However, despite her problems with reading and writing, she has been passed into the next grade every year. This is an example of:
social promotion
Based on the research of sociologists James Coleman and Thomas Hoffer, what is the reason Catholic school students score higher on tests than public school students?
Catholic schools have higher standards and greater parental involvement.
Using exceptionally simple questions on an exam and "dummying down" grading scales so everyone passes are examples of a growing problem in education called:
In the United States today, nearly half of all college freshmen have an overall high school grade point average of 4.0, twice what it was in 1970. What is the reason for this increase in students with high grades?
Teachers have inflated grades.
Higher grades given for the same work or a general rise in student grades without a corresponding increase in learning is known as:
grade inflation
When did the first social revolution occur?
with the domestication of plants and animals
The shift from traditional societies into industrial societies is called:
The theories that propose societies may take different routes, but eventually lead to the same stage of development, are ___ theories.
Which group of theories postulates all societies follow the same path from the simpler to the more complex form
unilinear theories
What concept is central to all evolutionary theories, regardless of their type?
cultural progress
According to Marx, human history shows that struggle develops between the thesis and its antithesis, leading to a synthesis. Marx called this historical change a(n):
dialectical process
The information revolution is based upon the:
The computer now allows the instantaneous transfer of billions of dollars from one country to another. One of the concerns of governments about this easy transferring of digitized money is that:
there are few traces for government to follow
Those who have joined together to promote civil rights for gay Americans are in a:
proactive social movement
According to the text, there is no energy shortage now, nor will there ever be. What reason(s) is given to support this statement?
Boundless energy from the sun and the tides eliminate the idea of an energy shortage.
Sociologists have identified four types of religious group. Identify them and explain how the four types differ from one another.
1. cult: most conflict with society, typically has a leader, most commonly dies out.
2. sect: formed from a cult, often hostile towards society
3. church: bureaucracy, integrated into society
4. ecclesia (state religion): rare
Note: each leads to the next, the more impersonal the relation ship to god gets
Identify and describe your "core learnings" in this class and assess how these learnings can be utilized to address issues and problems that confront us in the global society.
Cultural lenses. analyzing conflict, functionalist, and symbolic purposes
Based on the author's assessment of education in the U.S., what solutions are proposed that may increase the success of the education system?
1. Mediocrity: Higher standards of teachers, higher standards of students.
2. Cheating: Zero tolerance, universal system for recording graduation rate.
3. Violence: Shootings have actually decreased over the past few years, the hype is causing problems.