ss southern colonies

george calvert
father of lord baltimore and founder of maryland
lord baltimore
son of george calvert and founder of maryland
act of tolerance
all christians could worship freely
charter granted to king charles the 2, carolus, 8 english nobles settled the land n. carolina grew tobacco and cotton and s. carolina grew rice and indigo
charter granted by king charles the 1, named after king george, 1.) a place for debtors to get a fresh start 2.) a buffer between spanish and english colonies
a plant used to make a valuable blue dye
mason-dixon line
a boundary between pennsylvania and maryland, and a boundary between the southern and middle colonies
bacon's rebellion
bacon and a group of settlers revolted because the governor would not let them use the native american's land for farming
people who owed money that they could not pay back
slave code
treated enslaved Africans not as human beings, but as property
the belief that one race is superior to another