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Chapter 12 Introduction to Outdoor Emergency Care Vocabulary


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Dermal poisoning
a toxin absorbed through the skin.
Designer drug
a drug constructed by a chemist to produce unique and specific effects.
Ingested poison
a toxin that enters the body through the mouth.
Inhaled poison
a toxin that is absorbed through the lungs.
Injected poison
a toxin injected into a vein or another tissue.
a narcotic drug that is derived from and has the same effect as opium.
any substance that is injurious to health or dangerous to life.
Substance abuse
the intentional misuse of a substance that results in significant impairment.
Toxicological event
an event where a patient has been exposed to a harmful substance OR an incident in which the intentioned or unintentional use of a substance or poison either endangers public safety and/or results in a medical emergency.
a noxious or poisonous substance produced by an organism.
the physical and mental readjustment that accompanies the discontinued use of an addictive substance