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PSYO353-CH4: review

Psychology 353 Aspects of Human Sexuality Chapter 4 - Review
"There is some evidence that ________ have aphrodisiac effects
(a) antihypertensives and Prozac
(b) antidepressants and antihistamines
(c) bupropion and L-dopa
(d) amyl nitrate and alcohol"
"Psychoactive drugs such as _______ and _______ are believed by many people to have aphrodisiac effects
(a) speed: ecstasy
(b) anti-androgens: anti-psychotics
(c) alcohol: cocaine
(d) antidepressants: antihistamines
"Alcohol may increase feelings of sexual arousal because:
(a) it has a stimulating effect on the nervous system
(b) it has a depressant effect on the nervous system
(c) people expect it to have an effect
(d) all of the above
"Frequent cocaine use can result in:
(a) urinary tract infections
(b) sexual dysfunctions
(c) phimosis
(d) damage to the foreskin"
"Parts of the brain involved in sexual arousal and sexual response include the:
(a) cerebellum and corpus callosum
(b) cerebral cortex and limbic system
(c) thalamus and auditory bulb
(d) medulla and central sulcus"
"Research suggests that gender differences in sexual arousal to visual stimuli may be related to different levels of activation in the:
(a) thalamus
(b) medulla
(c) olfactory bulb
(d) hypothalamus"
"The body's basic physiological responses to sexual stimulation are vasocongestion and________.
(a) orgasm
(b) resolution
(c) myotonia
(d) sex flush"
"The three stages of Kaplan's model of sexual response are:
(a) desire, excitement, and orgasm
(b) plateau, desire, and arousal
(c) desire, resolution, and orgasm
(d) orgasm, plateau, and resolution"
"Basson's model puts more emphasis on ___________ than either Masters and Johnson or Kaplan
(a) desire
(b) affection
(c) intimacy
(d) stimulation"
"A major impediment to sexual fulfillment among people with disabilities is:
(a) the severity of the disability
(b) the absence of any sexual feelings or desires
(c) the lack of lubrication or erection
(d) the difficulty of finding a loving and supportive partner"