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Prove Jesus' humanity.

He was completely human, so He had a body and soul. He experienced joy and sorrow. He was tempted to do evil things by the devil. St. Iranius said "He became what we are so we could become what He is."

Prove Jesus' divinity.

He was the perfect sacrifice to wipe away our sins. He resurrected from the dead. He performed many miracles.

What are 2 heresies and what did they teach?

Docesism- Taught that Jesus wasn't man He only appeared to be. Effect Body was bad and Jesus was ONLY God
Arianism- A priest named Arius began a false teaching. He said that Jesus was holy and a great teacher, but NOT divine. He attracted a 1000 people and even bishops

What does Sanctifying grace allow us to be?

-Children of the Father
-Brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ
-Allows us to go to Heaven
-Became temples for God

What does it mean the Mary is the "Mediatrix of all Graces"?

She is the source of all graces. She receives them from Jesus and down to us.

Jesus gives us sanctifying race from his death on the cross, how do we still receive it today?

Through baptism and the other sacraments

Please list and explain the four marks of the church

One meaning we are on Catholic Church, one baptism, and one head
Holy because it was made by Jesus who is All-Holy
Catholic mean "universal" in Greek which means it will be on Earth for all ages
Apostolic it was formed in the time of the apotles

What are 3 images that Jesus uses to explain the Church?

A sheepfold-----------A Good Shepard
Branches--------- Grapevine

How do we know Jesus made peter the first Pope the head of the Church

He said "You are Peter and on this rock I will make my Church."

Name the 12 apostles

James the lesser

Name 2 things the apostles were called to do as the first bishops

Spread Jesus' teachings. Lead the Church

Draw the diagram


How do we become members of the Kingdom?


Describe 3 ex of how Jesus is Prophet, Priest, and King

as a prophet he teaches us how to live lives that are pleasing to God, He taught good news, Jesus continues to teach us. As a Priest Jesus was our High Priest whose sacrifice won for us Sanctifying Grace, gave us the sacraments, every Christian shares in God's Priesthood. Jesus as our King was Messiah was known as great, many people thought the Messiah would be an earthly Messiah, Jesus said His kingdom was not of this world

Describe what pentecost is

The apostles spent 9 days praying with Mary; on the 10th day it was the feast of Pentecost. The Holy Spirit came down upon all those who were present, He came down in the form of fire and wind, and this was the birthday of the Church. The Holy Spirit transformed the apostles before this they were afraid to preach about Jesus after this they were bold and full of courage. This day they recruited 3000 people to the newborn Church

Where did all 12 apostles go?

James the greater-Spain
Philip-Asia Minor
James the Lesser-Jerusalem
Simon & Jude-Iran
Matthias (replaced Judas)-Ethiopia
John- He took care of our lady then went to Turkey

What does infallibility mean?

The Church is free from error in teachings about faith and morals. This gift was given to protect the message of salvation that Jesus had given the Church.

What does indefectibility mean?

It means the Church will be present on earth until the end of the world. The mission of the Church will never change. The Church will always be the voice of truth in the world, and will always have a pope and priests.

What are the 2 rites of the Church?

Roman Rite- Traditions come from Rome
Byzantine Rite- comes from the East

Does the Church ever change to adapt with our needs?

Yes. She does this to be all things for men. Some examples are VaticanII when the mass was modernized and Having to fast only 1 hr

Name and explain 5 days from the Jesse Tree


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