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Industrial Revolution Quiz

Enclosure Movement
Taking over & fencing off land to that once had been shared by peasant farmers
- Replace the small strips of land with larger fields
- Made farming more efficient, improving agricultural production
Where workers and machines came together in one place to produce a larger amount of goods
Moving from rural (farms) areas to urban (city) areas - John Locke
Agrarian Revolution
Improvements in the methods of farming
- A group of textile workers who made things by hand
- Destroyed the machines b/c they thought the machines were taking away their jobs
- Had a strong disapproval on the evils of industrial capitalism
- People as a whole who would benefit rather than individuals (Society)
The idea that the goal of society should be the "greatest good for the greatest number" of its citizens
- Classless society
* No private property
* Everyone has the same
The working class
Government should not interfere w/ biz (businesses)
Karl Marx
- Scientific Socialism
- Wrote The Communist Manifesto
- History's struggle between 'have' and 'have-nots'
- Have-nots are the proletariat
- Classless society
Adam Smith
- Capitalism
* Free Market/Trade
* Competition
* Profit
- Wrote Wealth of Nations
- Laissez-Faire
Thomas Malthus
Population will outlast food supply
- Early Socialists
- When there is no difference between rich & poor, there is no fighting
- Everything is shared
The Communist Manifesto
Karl Marx wrote book
Wealth of Nations
Adam Smith wrote book
Assembly Line
The product moves along a conveyor belt across the factory. Workers at various stations add parts as the belt moves past them.
Interchangeable Parts
Identical parts that can be used in place of one another; replacement parts
Ex: Mr. Potato head
Bessemer Process
How steel was made
Louis Pasteur
Pasteurization of milk; rabies vaccine
William Morton
Vaccine for TB
Joseph Lister
The right to vote
Social Darwinism
Only the strong survive (Survival of the fittest)
Ashley Mines Report
Report on child labor in the coal mines
Patience Kernshaw
Testified bad child labor in the mines
Sadler Report
Report about child labor in textile industry
Industrial Revolution
A long, slow, uneven process in which production shifted from simple hand tools to complex machines
Where the Industrialization started