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Scientists believe the first people in America may have crossed over a land bridge called:


Some of the ways Native Americans came to the Americas are:

walking over the land bridge and sailing from island to island.

The first Americans lived in ___________ and ______________ cultures.

hunting and gathering

What type of food became a main food source?

Corn (Maize)

This factor contributed to the building of permanent villages:

Stable food supply

This Native American tribe thrived along the Gulf of Mexico and set up a network of trade routes and constructed earthen mounds shaped like pyramids.

the Olmec

Which one of these is a feature of a civilization?

cities that are centers of trade
specialized jobs for different people
organized forms of government

From artifacts, archaeologists know that the ______________ had an accurate yearly calendar.


The _______________ altered their dry environment by digging hundreds of miles of canals to carry river water to their crops.


The Hohokam raised ________, __________, and ____________.

corn, beans, and squash

The ________________ built houses with hundreds of rooms and many stories.


The two oldest Mound Builder societies were the___________ and the __________.

Adena and the Hopewell

The Mound Builders had a large __________ stretching from the Atlantic to the Rocky Mountains.

trade network

This factor shaped each Native American tribe's economy, technology, and religion.


Native Americans based their economy on __________.


The ____________ and the _____________ were peoples of the far North.

Aleut and the Inuit

Northwest Coast groups such as the ___________ and _________ had a special ceremony- the potlatch.

Kwakiutl and Haida

People living in California, the Columbia Plateau, and the Great Basin existed by _________ and ____________.

hunting and gathering

Which two things helped the Aztecs become a strong empire?

Building an irrigation system in swamps and conquoring their neighbors

The Aztec's most important ritual involved _______________________.

feeding their sun god sacrificed prisoners of war.

What was one technique Plains Indians used to hunt bison?

Herding them off a cliff

By a.d. 1500, __________ had linked Africa with the rest of the world for many centuries.

coastal port

______________ became the first West African kingdom to grow rich through trade.


Ghana prospered by controlling trade in _________ and __________.

salt and gold

Mali's first great ruler was ____________.


This West African Kingdom had taken over most of Ghana's territory and became West Africa's most powerful state.


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