APE Unit 2 PE? Unfinished

19 terms by nancyke

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What Motivated in the 15th and 16th centures to cross oceans? What technology made it possible?


How did European expansion overseas affect globan trade and commerce?


How did this expansion and conquest affect both europe and the americas?


What were the basic beliefs of most Protestant churches? How did they differ from Catholic positions?


How did Lother, Zwingle, Calvin and Church of England differ not just religious beliefs and practices but also political and social vies?


How was the Reformation in England more of a politcal event than a spiritual one?


What's the difference between the Catholic Reformation and the Counter Reformation? Who uses what to label and why?


Explain major decisions at the Council of Trent on doctrine and practice.


What elements of the Catholic contercrusade were most and least succesful? Why and Why not?


What was Charles V's posessions? His Goals? Was he a success or a failure?


Who were Charles V's compoents? Why did they oppose him?


What was the relationship between church and state in 1500's?


How was King Philip II both similar and different from his father (Charles V)?


What were the effects of Philip II's policies on Spain?


How successful were Philip's crusades against turks? Dutch? English?


How were political/religious issues resolved in the Netherlands, France and England?


What were the major social effects of the two reformations?


What were the major economic developments 1450-1600 caused by overseas expansion and population growth?


How did the Renaissance and Reformations and other developments affect the status and role of women?


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