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Includes from the oral exercises, random stuff from the board, and from the two hand-written packets of verb tense info.

un sac de couchage

sleeping bag

l'homme le plus rapide du monde

fastest man in the world

une cacahuète

a peanut

une lampe de poche

flash light

à huit heures pile

8 o'clock on the dot

un aller et retour

a round-trip ticket

une caravane

an RV

la colonie de vacances

the summer camp


to rent

une villa

a villa

le théâtre

the theater

je me lèverai

I will get up

il mènera

He will lead

il jettera

He will throw

elle nettoiera

She will clean

il répétera

He will repeat


I will hope

je mourrai

I will die

je vendrai

I will sell

elle écoutera

she will listen

il appellera

he will call

je courrais

i would run


to get bored


to hear


to listen


I would bring (person)away from

Nous apporterions

We would bring (object)

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