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Misc. evil french vocab

Includes from the oral exercises, random stuff from the board, and from the two hand-written packets of verb tense info.
un sac de couchage
sleeping bag
l'homme le plus rapide du monde
fastest man in the world
une cacahuète
a peanut
une lampe de poche
flash light
à huit heures pile
8 o'clock on the dot
un aller et retour
a round-trip ticket
une caravane
an RV
la colonie de vacances
the summer camp
to rent
une villa
a villa
le théâtre
the theater
je me lèverai
I will get up
il mènera
He will lead
il jettera
He will throw
elle nettoiera
She will clean
il répétera
He will repeat
I will hope
je mourrai
I will die
je vendrai
I will sell
elle écoutera
she will listen
il appellera
he will call
je courrais
i would run
to get bored
to hear
to listen
I would bring (person)away from
Nous apporterions
We would bring (object)