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aunt beast


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Father- what are you doing?
Taking the child
we don't always make the best decisions on our earth- calvin
perhaps they aren't used to visitors from other planets
From a planet called camazotz- father
we must take this child back with us
the dark thing.- calvin
The dark thing. yes. the dark thing burns unless it is counteracted properly
can you save her-father
i think so
father.... Calvin... Im so tired -meg
then sleep, child. Sleep During the coolness we sleep.
Your'e so soft... you must be good. you have to be good -meg

Act 11 scene 6
are you awake little one? what a funny tadpole you are. Is the pain gone?
yes im fine - meg
No, lie still, little one. do not exert yourself yet. The dark thing does not relinquish its victims willingly.
why is it so dark here? don't you have any lights? - meg
What is this light? we do not understand. your father and the boy calvin say its night now on our planet, and that they cannot see. We do not understand what this means, to see.
Well, it's what things look like - meg
We do not know what things look like, as you say. We know what things are like. it must be a very limited thing, this seeing
no, it's not, it's-oh, I'm not making any sense. Charles Wallace would be able to- Charles Wallace! He's my brother. We've got to save him! - Meg
Yes, yes little one, of course we will help you. A meeting is in session right now.
They left him behind! - Meg
it is an extraordinary feat, to escape from a dark planet, it will not be easy to go back through the Black Thing, back to Camazotz
But we can't just abandon him! - Meg
No one said anything about abandoning anyone. But it must be approached carefully. And you must wait until you are more calm. You must get well.

It is so long since my own small ones were grown and gone. You are so tiny.
what should I call you, please?- Meg
Well, now. First try not to say any words for just a moment. think within your own mind. Think of all the things you call people.

Hmmm... mother? NO. Mother is a special, a one name. Father you have here. No, not friend, nor teacher, nor brother, nor sister. Aunt. Maybe. Yes, that will perhaps do. Oh you think such odd words about me. Thing...and monster! Monster, what a horrid sort of word. Beast. Yes, that will do. Aunt beast.
Aunt beast- meg
i feel wonderful- meg
are you ready to see your father and calvin?
yes, please?
you may enter. Now
Don't you care about Charles Wallace at all? - meg
(Coloring) child
You're just stupid if you think we don't
The child is distraught, don't judge her harshly. We dont know what mind of spiritual damage has been done by the Dark Thing.
This anger, this confusion, it it part of what you are trying to describe?
This look doesn't help at all-beast 1
They are very young. And on their earth, as they call it, they never communicate with other planets, they just revolve around in space.
I thought for a moment.... no it's not clear enough-beast 1
Think. Think harder, what they are
No- ms Whatsit
No, i am afraid not, i just wanted to let you know that i would
Thank you, I know you saved my life, I love you -meg
And i , you little one