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animals that feed on plants, such as the chipmunk


Animals that feed on other animals, such as the lion


animals that feed on plants and animals, such as the bear


Organisms that break down the organic waste in ecosystems, such as bacteria

Producers (Autotrophs or photosynthetic organisms)

living things that make their food from CO₂ and H₂0 (ex plants, algae)

Consumers (heterotrophs)

living things that get energy by eating
types of consumers are herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, decomposers

Cellular Respiration

aerobic harvesting of chemical energy from organic fuel molecules (a living version of internal combustion)
-the main way that chemical energy is harvested from food and converted to ATP
-It is AEROBIC process because it REQUIRES OXYGEN

Reasons for the need of energy

-keep the heart pumping blood
-Maintain consistent body temperature
-Digest food


Loss of electrons
-In cellular respiration glucose is oxidized losing electrons to oxygen


Acceptance of electrons
-Oxygen is reduced during cellular respiration accepting electrons (and H) lost from glucose

Oxidation-Reduction Reactions (redox reactions)

chemical reactions that transfer electrons from one substance to another

Steps of Cellular Respiration

1. Glycolysis -Anaerobic
2. Citric Acid (Kreb's Cycle) -Aerobic
3. Oxidative Phosphorylation -Aerobic


2ATP, 2NADH, 2 H₂O
Location: cytoplasmic fluid

Kreb's Prep


Citric Acid

Location: mitochondrial matrix

Oxidative Phosphorylation

34 ATP, 4 H₂O
Location: inner mitochondrial matrix

Water Formation

½O₂ + 2H⁺ +2e⁻ --> H₂O

Cellular Respiration Formula

C₆H₁₂O₆ + 6O₂ -->6CO₂ + 6H₂O + 38 ATP
Location: Mitochondria

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