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Chapter 12


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The notions P and p in genetics problems represent the
individual alleles
What represents a recessive allele
a lowercase letter
How is a genotype written that has a recessive phenotype expressed
word descriptions such as "black" and "short-haired" represent
phenotype only
Alternate forms of a gene that influence the same characteristics and are found at the same location in homologous chromosomes are called
What are 4 characteristics of an allele
~They occur in pairs on homologous chromosomes
~They separate when forming gametes
~They reoccur in pairs at fertilization
~They can be exactly the same or represent alternate phenotypes.
In humans, brown eyes are dominant over blue eyes. A brown eyed woman who has a blue eyed child has the genotype
The albinistic trait is recessive. If an albino woman is married to a man with normal coloring and they have an albino child, what is the genotype of the man?
If 25% of the offspring of one set of parents show the recessive phenotype, the parents were probly
both heterozygous