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exam 2- magazine section

Henry Luce

Time magazine

Harold Ross and Jane Grant

founded The New Yorker in 1925

Publication: Time

focus: image
Style: distinctive style of reporting and writing
Time Speak: coined to cover the mags "cut to the chase" sometimes irreverent, but always authoritative approach

Time Inc.

Sports Illustrated, People, etc.

Publication: The New Yorker

content: fiction and journalism; in-depth profiles of personalities, commentary on pop culture
style: traditional layout,covers, artwork
politics: liberal and nonpartisan

Publication: Cosmopolitan

historical transformation: started out as general interest mag; tv brought demise of most general interest mags and Cosmo became mag for young women with interests in men, sex and personal success

publication: McClure's Magazine

1880s; monthly periodical; founded by S McClure and Sanborn Phillips; credited with creating muckraking journalism; first to lower price to rise in circulation

publication: Munsey's magazine

McClure compeititor; first mass market mag

publication: Little Review

influential small art and literary mag; 1920-30; unorthodox approach to magazine publishing

publication: fortune

hand-crafted business mag; 1930; tell story through photos; quality important; expensive to produce

Seven Sisters

women's magazines; represents largest category; most financially sucessful.
Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal, McCalls, Redbook, Woman's Day


2000; internet mags; published by thousands of home-based publishers

Conde Nast

worldwide magazine publishing company; lifestyle mags

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