UC 152 Practice Exam 1

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A hypothesis

A) Represents a published idea
B) Must be testable
C) Is based on speculation
D) Is always correct
F) B and C
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Mcgovern et al.

A) Acknowledged absolute certainty is attainable in a biomolecular archaeological investigation
B) Analyzed amphora shards for presence of alcohol
C) Published in Washington Post
D) Used multiple methods to identify and confirm the existence of acids known to be present in grapes
E) Explored idea of wine with botanicals
F) All of the above
Carbonic Maceration

A) Is a process carried out in intact wine grapes
B) Is catalyzed by an enzyme within the wine grape
C) Is carried out under anaerobic conditions
D) Results in wine with a low ABV
E) Is relatively inexpensive due to little time spent making it relative to age-worthy wines
F) All of the above
A conclusion in Stevens et al.

A) Was not possible due to lack of material to analyze the study being carried out post mortem
B) Suggested lead was present in the wine Beethoven drank
C) Was Beethoven suffered fro a genetic disease
D) Was invalid because no controls were run
E) Involved no assumptions
F) None of the above
The presence of resin in ancient wine may have come from the interiors of the amphoras being sealed with liquified pine tar or it being sealed with a rag covered with pine tarTrueMalolactic fermentation may result in turbidity, lowers the acidity, and may yield a slight effervescenceTrueIf winemaking is done solely by carbonic maceration the wine is low alcohol and fruity, ready to drink youngTrueSulfur is added to wine intentionally because it acts as a preservative and it is an anti-oxidant; bacteria and yeast are differentially susceptible to itTrueIn the scientific method, if a _______ is proven incorrect it must be revised.hypothesisThe production and quality of a Vinho Verde is regulated by a _______DOCThe role of scientific peers is to ______ manuscripts to decide if they are worthy of being publishedreviewIn general, an application of science to everyday life is _____________Scientific methodBacteria can produce faults in a wine including _________TurbidityCarbonic maceration ends when the alcohol content kills the enzyme or the grapes _________burstAncient wine contained additives to make it healthier or tastier including _________lead, herbs