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Soupe à l'oignon

French onion soup


Fish soup made with whole fish, mussels, tomatoes, served with bread, popular in the south of France

Coq au vin

chicken cooked in a red wine sauce, pearl onions and mushrooms

Boeuf Bourguignon

stew made with pieces of beef cocked in red wine, with mushrooms, onions and peas

Quiche Lorraine

a regional pastry from Nancy in Lorraine, made with bacon, cream and grated cheese


dish from the southwest of France made with duck, sausage, pork and white beans

Foie gras

fattened duck or goose liver, a specialty of the southwest of France


(Petits Gris or Escargots de Bourgogne) snails, usually served with garlic butter

Lapin à la moutarde

rabbit cooked in a mustard and white wine sauce


cold potato and leek soup

Canard à l'orange

duck glazed with an orange sauce

Salade Niçoise

salad typical of Nice and Provence, made with lettuce, onion, black olives, tuna, anchovy, and hard boiled eggs


home cooked stew with chunks of beef, bone with marrow, cooked in a broth and many vegetables.

Gigot d'agneau

leg of lamb, usually served rare or medium rare


an Alsace-Lorraine specialty make with sauerkraut and sausages served with potatoes


made with vegetables ( eggplants, zucchini, red peppers) fried in a tomato sauce and onions


a North African specialty made with semolina wheat, lamb, and vegetables served with a spicy sauce popular in France

Mousse au chocolat

dark chocolate dessert into which eggs, cream and Cognac are folded in to a mousse

Crème caramel

vanilla custard on top of which a caramel sauce has been poured

Crème brûlée

creamy custard the top of which has been caramelized to a hard crust

Crêpes Suzette

orange flavored crêpes set alight at customer's table in a restaurant or on the stove top

Tarte Tatin

apple pie served with crème chantilly ( whipped cream). Named after the 2 Tatin sisters who ran a restaurant in Orléans in the 19th century

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