6th reading w to o In the fog and hitchiker

21 terms by mgwoodruff Teacher

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of; without


examines carefully


people who distil liquor illegally


declare, positvely


surgical instruments for holding back the flesh at the edge of a wound


air or gas in the chest cavity


flushing out a wound with water

pay station

pay telephone

Mead's men.. Puckett's men... Lee's men

soldiers that fought during the battle of Gettisburg

auto camp

a campground with places for drivers to park their cars


good times, a spree

Pulaski skyway

Long span bridge connecting the cities of New York and Jersey City


the Allegheny mountain range a part of the Appalachian Mountains that runs through Penn., Maryland, and Virginia


feeling of nervousness


tiresome sameness


point where two sets of railroad tracks join


slang word for feet

pink elephants

imaginary objects ween by someone who is drunk or delirious


elevated flat topped land formation with steep sides

Beechwood 2-0828

a phone number


overcome by exhaustion or grief; weak

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