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the pricess of taking in food and using it for energy, growth, and good health


substances found in foods that your body needs in order to grow, have energy, and stay healthy


starches and sugars that provide energy


nutrients used to repair body, cells, and tissues


nutrients that supply energy, keep the skin healthy, and promote normal growth


substances that help regulate body's functions


nutrients that strengthen bones and teeth, help keep blood healthy, and keep the heart and other organs working properly


makes up about 70% of your total body weight all body systems depend on it

influences on food choices

personal taste, geography, family/friends/culture, advertising, cost, convenience


combination of physical, mental/emotional, and social well being


the state of well-being or balanced health triangle

influences on health

heredity, environment, family/friends/media


passing on of traits from biological parents to children


what surrounds you

risk behaviors

actions or choices that may cause injury or harm to you or others


results of actions, taking risks may lead to them


taking steps to make sure that something does not happen


refusing to participate in unsafe behaviors or activities

eating disorder

extreme emotions, attitudes and behaviors surrounding weight and food issues

3 main eating disorders

anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge

anorexia nervosa

self-starvation and excessive weight loss

bulimia nervosa

eating a lot and then barfing it up


pigging out for comfort of other factors, not eating healthy

3 factors thought to contribute to eating disorders

athletes self-appraisal
performance anxiety
social influence

risk factors for athletes

sports emphasizing appearance
individual sports
endurance sports

female athlete triad

disordered eating
loss of menstrual period

disordered eating

lack of nutrition

loss of period

because of lack of nutrition


because of loss of menstrual cycle

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