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Thermohaline Circulation


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Thermohaline Circulation
Movement of ocean water caused by density difference brought about by variations in temperature and salinity. As ocean water freezes at the poles it concentrates salt, and the colder, denser water sinks.
The Global Conveyor Belt
the system of deep and surface currents that circle the earth
The ability of a fluid to exert an upward force on an object placed in it
Hadley Circulation
A general circulation pattern in which air rises near the equator, flows north and south away from the equator at high altitudes, sinks near the poles, and flows back along the surface from both poles to the equator.
North Atlantic Bottom Water
what propels the global thermohaline
Antarctic Bottom Water
The densest ocean water (1.0279 g/cm3), formed primarily in Antarctica's Weddell Sea during Southern Hemisphere winters.