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Which of the following would be classified a noncommercial food service operation?
Meal Programs at a college or university
Which of the following would be classified as a commercial food service operation?
Cafeteria food service in a local shopping mall
Which of the following statements about a hotel food and beverage operations are True
Catering responsibilities in a hotel are generally a function of the marketing and sales department
Which of the following types of food and beverage operation faces the greatest challenges in relation to food transport and delivery systems?
Hotel Food service
Which of the following is a support center within a hotel
Accounting department
Which of the following components of management best describes the tasks involved in motivating, training, evaluating, and disciplining employees?
Increases tension between the dining room service staff and the kitchen production staff has prompted the restaurant manger to create a team of supervisors to review current procedures for placing and picking up orders. Which of the following management function best describes the kind of work that the team of supervisors is performing
Call a meeting to discuss situations and take corrective action. Which management function best describes the work that the management team will be performing?
Why are multi-unit organizations popular in the restaurant industry?
They provide brand recognition, greater opportunities are available to market throughout broad geographic regions, business financing is easier to obtain.
The principal benefit of point of sale technology to a food and beverage operation is its:
Ability to track, record, and provide detailed financial information
The correct sequence for business planning
Vision, mission, long-range plan, business plan, marketing plan, operating budget
Which of the following resources is available in a limited supply to managers of food and beverage operations?
Time, facilities, money
In the sequence of planning which of the following would generally develop last?
Operating budget
Effective control systems can help food and beverage managers:
Identify mistakes and plan tactics to correct them
Which of the following statement about the role standards in the control process is true?
Standards can be established for the revenue goals and the sales targets as well as for employee attendance and safety records
the calculations of the actual food costs do no include employee meals. Which of the following principles for developing an effective control procedure was violated?
actual information must be collected in a manner consistent with the procedures and formats used to establish performance standards.
Comparisons between standards and actual operating results should be made
periodically, but infrequently
a shopper service
control tactic that involves observing and reporting actual operations of business
The cost effectiveness of a control system is measured by
comparing the cost of implementing the control system with the cost reductions achieved by using system
Changes recommended by an peration's controller to resolve actual and estimated income and cost variances should be viewed by the food and beverage manager as
an advisory only
Which of the following control tools links a restaurants suppliers and receiving staff, ensuring that the proper quality of products is available for food production and service
standard purchase specifications
a formula for producing food and beverage items is called a
standard recipe
which of the following standard cost control tools defines the net weight or volume of a food item after it has been processed according to established production procedures outlined in the standard recipe
standard yield
which of the following files maintained by recipe management software application contains data for all meal periods and menu items sold
recipe file
managers use standard beverage costs to establish
competitive pricing
which of the following budgeting processes ensures that all plans are specifically geared to individual operations withing multi-unit service companies
bottom-up budgeting
which of the following methods for projecting revenues in the budgeting process assumes that past trends are good predictors of future growth
revenue history
the first step in the process for budgeting food and beverage operation is to
project revenues
costs that remain constant in the short term, even though sales volume may vary, are called
fixed costs
which of the following is most likely to be classified as a variable cost
food costs
If the volume for business increase, the manger should expect the total fixed costs for October to be
impossible to forecast with any accuracy
Slow Business- Which of the following control points is likely to be the focus of corrective action
which of the following is an example of an internal factor influencing decisions to change a menu
menu mix
can increase the prices of several menu items, sell fewer of them, but increase overall revenues, The demand for these menu items would best be characterized as
High contribution and low popularity, Which would be reasonable strategies for the team to a
decrease prices, place the items in a more visible location on the menu, shift demand to these items by using suggestive selling techniques
in relation to the food service purchasing cycle, which of the following positions is generally responsible for completing an issue requisition when items are needed in the food production area
Which of the following terms describes a series of records, documents, or reports that trace down the flow of resources through and operation
audit trail
which of the following selection criteria would he manger likely rank as most important
honesty and fairness of supplier
in relation to purchasing function, the term quality refers to
suitability for intended use
a stock out can occur as a result of
with the minimum/maximum ordering system, the maximum number of purchase units permitted in storage is determined by
usage rates plus the minimum level
which of the following types of purchasing-related theft is characterized by supplier trying to submit an invoice for payment more than once
reprocessing scheme
Which of the following best characterizes the purchasing function of franchisors
franchisees are required to purchase all products- regardless of type- from their franchisors
ownership of product transferred form the supplier to the food and beverage operation when receiving employee signs the
delivery invoice
storing and issuing controls help food and beverage manager in which of the following ways
they help keep products secure from theft, they curb waste, they track, record and provide information necessary for financial accounting system
to help make the receiving function secure efficient, the physical transfer of food and beverage products to the storage area should be the responsibility of
assigned staff from property
how would fresh meats be categorized by ABCD inventory classification system
Class A: high perishability and high cost per serving
Which of the following statements about food products classified as directs is true
directs are considered part of the food costs for the day on which they are received and stored
As inventory turnover rate decreases for a food and beverage operation
more money is being invested in inventory
Which of the following inventory valuation methods generally creates a higher total inventory value and a lower cost of sales
perpetual inventory valuation method
a key difference between RFID technology and bar code technology in the inventory valuation process is that
RFID uses handheld wireless scanning equipment for inventory counting
a well designed food and beverage issuing system will
limit access to storage areas, assess quantities an cost o products removed from storage, match items removed from storage with actual production requirements
when forecasting food production requirements, managers should take into account ____ to help control production quantities and reduce the amount of left overs
past sales figure, upcoming weather conditions, special community events
Which of the following production control documents is used to determine the amount of menu item ingredients to purchase for routine operations
master food production planning worksheet
the purpose of food and beverage production cost control tools is to
ensure quality while complying with costs limitations
which of the following positions coordinates communication between production and service staffs during busy meal periods
an expeditor
Which of the following best identifies the components of an automated beverage control system
a control unit, an order entry device, a delivery network, a dispensing unit