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9 terms

Medical Coding 1 CH 6-Workbook Review

What is the name of the item that is placed into the hole in a deviated septum as a repair without surgical grafting?
Nasal button
What is the name of the surgical procedure for the reshaping of the nose?
What is the name of the surgical procedure for the rearrangement of the nasal septum often used in patients with a deviated septum?
This term means destruction by removing, usually by vaporization, chipping, or other erosive process such as laser or cutting.
Which approach to treating nasal hemorrhage is most difficult to control, posterior or anterior?
What term describes washing out of an organ?
What are the 2 different approaches that can be used to perform a tracheostomy?
Transtracheal and cricothyroid
If a surgeon performs a thoracotomy procedure and at the end of the procedure inserts a chest tube for drainage, do you report the insertion of the tube separately?
Removal of two lobes of a lung is termed a(n)