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UBPL 200 Midterm Review

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Policy Resistance — happens when actors in the system have different goals and thus work against each other; "fixes that fail" [i.e. the war on drugs; solution=work with rather than against one another]
Tragedy of the Commons — 'tragedy' occurs when actors overuse resource owned by none and open to all [i.e. shepherds overgrazing a common pasture; solution=educate and either privatize or regulate the commons]
Drift to Low Performance — occurs when a system is in ongoing decline; happens slowly [i.e. water quality degrades more each year; solution=make goals sensitive to the best performances of the past, instead of the worst]
Escalation — occurs when competing actors in a system try to get ahead of each other; involves reinforcing (positive) feedback loops [i.e. The Dust Bowl; solutions=avoid it, refuse to compete, and/or negotiate new system with better balancing feedback loops]
Success to the Successor (Competitive Exclusion) — when winners gain the means to continue to win [i.e. neighborhood holiday lights competition; solutions=diversification of competitions, antitrust laws, and/or policies that level the playing field]
Addiction (Shifting the Burden to the Intervenor) — Occurs when a problem is addressed by treating only the symptoms as quickly and as easily as possible [i.e. 'super bugs' emerge from antibiotic overuse; solution=avoid getting into the trap, focus on long-term restructuring rather than short-term 'fixes']
Rule Beating — Occurs when actors seek to avoid rules of a system, though give appearance of rules being followed. [i.e. unnecessary spending at the end of fiscal year, or other 'use it or lose it' situations; solution=redesign rules so that creative responses work towards, rather than against, the purpose of the system]
Seeking the Wrong Goal — A system's behavior is reflection of its goal (purpose); Occurs when that goal produces undesirable behaviors or outcomes[i.e. using GNP as a measure of nation's wealth rather than overall capital; solution=choose goals that reflect the real welfare of the system]