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  1. syndesmosis
  2. structural classification
  3. knee joint
  4. tendonitis
  5. functional classification
  1. a bony fusion
    fibrous joint
    cartilaginous joint
    synovial joint
  2. b articulation in which bones are united by ligaments
  3. c
  4. d inflammation of a tendon
  5. e synarthrosis

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  1. of, or relating to, arthritis or connective tissue disease
  2. e.g. teeth; synarthrotic
  3. articulation in which the body surfaces are connected by cartilage; mobility is slight but may be exerted in all directions.
    The articulations of the bodies of the vertebrae are examples
  4. partial disloaction

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  1. bursitisgroup of rheumatic diseases that affect synovial joints; damage to the articular cartilages; classified as either degenerative or inflammatory


  2. symphysis
    line of fusion between two bones that are separate in early development, as symphysis of the mandible.
    joint in which two bones are connected only by a fibrocartilaginous pad, as the pubic symphysis and the intervertebral disks


  3. sprainligament is stretched to the point at which some of the collagen fibers are torn; ligament remains functional, and the structure of the joint is not affected


  4. synovial joints


  5. synarthrosisalso, synovial; articulation in which opposing bones move freely (e.g., a hinge joint or a pivot joint).