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  1. having or showing the proud and unpleasant attitude of someone who gives orders and expects other people to obey them
  2. land of a particular kind
  3. ruled by a tyrant
  4. very easy to see or notice
  5. not truly honest or sincere
  1. a imperious
  2. b despotism
  3. c terrain
  4. d conspicuously
  5. e disingenuous

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  1. imbedded
  2. quorum
  3. guerilla
  4. ferment
  5. vagrancy

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  1. to criticize (someone) in a loud and angry wayconciliatory


  2. the act of getting a title or right after the person who had that title or right before you has died or is no longer able or allowed to have itferment


  3. to describe (someone or something) as unimportant, weak, bad, etc.imbedded


  4. a form of government in which a country is ruled by a person or group with total powerautocratic


  5. of or relating to farms and farmingagrarian