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  1. having only one part
  2. to cause something to lose its value or to have no effect
  3. disagreement that causes the people in a group to argue about something that is important to them
  4. an active and persistent searcher
  5. to make (someone) more friendly or less angry
  1. a dissension
  2. b ferreted
  3. c conciliatory
  4. d nullify
  5. e unicameral

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  1. vagrancy
  2. catalyst
  3. agrarian
  4. insurgents
  5. proprietorship

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  1. the use of tricks especially to hide, avoid, or get somethingsubterfuge


  2. not causing harm or damagebenign


  3. to move backunmolested


  4. to cause (someone who is angry or upset) to become calm or quietperpetuate


  5. a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make moneyproprietorship