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  1. expressing feelings or opinions in a very loud or forceful way
  2. used to describe something that exists but is not active or cannot be seen
  3. to cause something to lose its value or to have no effect
  4. to calm someone down
  5. a person who engages in irregular warfare
  1. a nullify
  2. b latent
  3. c mollify
  4. d guerilla
  5. e vociferous

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  1. recede
  2. mercenaries
  3. partisan
  4. disingenuous
  5. emulate

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  1. happy and confidentbuoyant


  2. power or authority that is given to allow a person to act for someone elseproxy


  3. feeling no fearintrepid


  4. not having or showing complete trust in someone or something that could be dangerous or cause troubleinherent


  5. a large group of people who are involved in running a government but who are not electedpacify