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  1. to cause a bad situation to continue
  2. of or relating to growing crops
  3. a crude figure representing a hated person
  4. of or relating to farms and farming
  5. wrongly harming or using others for pleasure or profit
  1. a agrarian
  2. b arable
  3. c predatory
  4. d perpetuate
  5. e burned in effigy

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  1. berate
  2. catalyst
  3. innocuous
  4. anarchy
  5. vilify

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  1. of or relating to the study of changes that occur in large groups of people over a period of timedemographics


  2. the act of getting a title or right after the person who had that title or right before you has died or is no longer able or allowed to have itextortion


  3. to move backrecede


  4. a bad quality in something or someonedemerit


  5. used to describe something that exists but is not active or cannot be seennullify