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  1. to strive to equal or excel
  2. to divide the new house
  3. hard to understand
  4. to officially end something
  5. to grow or develop quickly
  1. a abstruse
  2. b rescind
  3. c emulate
  4. d reapportionment
  5. e burgeoning

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  1. mercenaries
  2. ideologue
  3. egalitarian
  4. mortality rate
  5. aggregate

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  1. a form of government in which a country is ruled by a person or group with total powerautocratic


  2. a bad quality in something or someonedemerit


  3. of or relating to the government of a city or townarable


  4. to drive away by or as if by scatteringconspicuously


  5. not safe, strong, or steadybenign