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  1. very confident and daring
  2. used to describe something that is done without energy or enthusiasm because of habit or because it is expected
  3. happy and confident
  4. to increase the size or amount of (something)
  5. a number that shows how many people died in a particular place or during a particular time
  1. a audacious
  2. b perfunctory
  3. c buoyant
  4. d mortality rate
  5. e augment

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  1. municipal
  2. vacillate
  3. guerilla
  4. innocuous
  5. repudiate

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  1. not causing harm or damageimprudent


  2. an active and persistent searcherurbanity


  3. disagreement that causes the people in a group to argue about something that is important to themdissension


  4. belonging to the basic nature of someone or somethinginherent


  5. a belief or a way of thinking that is accepted as true or correctmaritime