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  1. the crime of getting money from someone by the use of force or threats
  2. able to pay debts
  3. a government order that limits trade in some way
  4. a person who owns a business or property
  5. not wise or sensible
  1. a extortion
  2. b proprietorship
  3. c imprudent
  4. d solvent
  5. e embargo

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  1. repellant
  2. dialectic
  3. autonomy
  4. conspicuously
  5. belittle

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  1. the crime of saying, writing, or doing something that encourages people to disobey their governmentsedition


  2. someone who very strongly supports and is guided by the ideology of a particular groupEntrepreneurs


  3. to officially end somethingrescind


  4. to gradually move or go into an area that is beyond the usual or desired limitsorthodoxy


  5. to cause (someone who is angry or upset) to become calm or quietpacify