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  1. a troublesome or intractable situation
  2. not wise or sensible
  3. to be rude or impolite
  4. an order to bring a jailed person before a judge or court to find out if that person should really be in jail
  5. bad or immoral behavior or habits
  1. a habeas corpus
  2. b insolence
  3. c vice
  4. d mired
  5. e imprudent

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  1. belittle
  2. faction
  3. agrarian
  4. recalcitrant
  5. perfunctory

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  1. made up of parts that are differentheterogeneous


  2. intruding where you are not wanted or welcomerepudiate


  3. to be in a state of agitation or intense activityferment


  4. not safe, strong, or steadyprecarious


  5. a situation in which no progress seems possibleimpasse