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What programming language revolutionized the software industry because beginning students could learn it easily?


The ________ computer had no keyboard or monitor and used switches on the front of it to enter data using 0s and 1s.


representation of a fact, figure, or idea


turning data into information


data organized in a meaningful way


computer programs


parts of the computer you can touch


the means of accessing information over the Internet


an application program used to view the Web


electronic communication


a large network of networks

search engine

a tool used to locate information on the Web


tiny dot that creates an image on the computer monitor


unit of measure for processor speed


the clearness or sharpness of an image


measurement of printing speed


measurement of printer resolution

social Web

Web 2.0 is classified as the _____________.


The computer's main temporary storage area

physical memory

the amount of RAM sitting on memory modules

swap file

temporary storage area on the hard drive


the condition of excessive paging


the process of swapping data between RAM and a swap file

Task Manager

lists all the programs being used and indicates their status

System Restore

brings system back to a previously stable state

Disk Cleanup

removes unnecessary files from the hard drive

Disk Defragmenter

regroups related pieces of files on the hard disk


checks the hard drive for damaged files


user interface of Mac OS and Microsoft Windows


commands are chosen from menus displayed on screen


user interface for DOS operating system

user interface

a way to interact with the computer


operating system that enables users to choose their own interface

Web-based software

software that is hosted on a Web site

open source software

software code that is freely available

project management software

software used for project planning

PIM software

software used to keep track of appointments

software suite

bundled group of software programs




a form of memory


performs arithmetic calculations


machine cycles per second


connects the processor to the system memory


temporary storage space

nonvolatile storage

permanent storage

kernel memory

memory used by the operating system

virtual memory

space on the hard drive for data that doesn't fit in RAM

CPU subsystem


memory subsystem


storage subsystem

hard drive

video subsystem


audio subsystem



When Google first launched its search engine services in China, it restricted search results for sites considered objectionable by the Chinese government. This is an example of _______.


Enacted in 2002, the _____ Act requires companies to provide mechanisms for employees and third parties to anonymously report complaints, including ethics violation, anonymously.

operating system

The ___________ is (are) the group of programs that controls how your computer functions.

utility program

A(n) ________ is a small program that performs general housekeeping tasks for your computer.

a command-driven interface


device driver

Each device attached to your computer comes with a special program called a ________ that facilitates communication between the device and the OS.


Errors in computer software

file path

The location of a file is specified by its ___________.


_________ provides high-speed information processing by enabling a new set of instructions to start before the previous set is finished.

File compression

Which utility takes out redundancies in a file to reduce the file size?

Moore's Law

The rule of thumb that predicts that CPU capacity will double every two years

on the motherboard

The CPU is located

level 2 cache

Level 1 cache memory does not contain more memory than

open source

The type of software that is free and available with few licensing and copyright restrictions is known as ________ software.

Software as a Service

Another way to obtain software is through ________, where a vendor hosts the software online over the Internet and you do not have to install it on your computer.

vertical market

Software designed for a specific industry is known as _______ software.


A(n) __________ software installation enables you to decide which features you want to install on the hard drive.

system requirements

Every software program has a set of __________ that specify the minimum recommended standards for the operating system, processor, RAM, and hard drive capacity.


Robotic cameras used by television stations for sports events require a __________ operating system.

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