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Oral Evacuation Systems

Process of removing excess fluids and debris from the mouth. Two systems: saliva ejector & high-volume evacuator (HVE)

Saliva Ejector

small straw used during less invasive procedures. Used for preventive procedures (prophylaxis or fluoride tx's), control saliva accumulation under dental dam, cementation of crown or bridge, during orthodontic bonding procedure.

Saliva Ejector Placement

Bend and shape for placement, position under tongue, position opposite side the dentist is working.

High-volume Evacuator (HVE)

Used for most dental procedures especially when dental handpiece instrument in use. Used to keep mouth free of saliva, blood, water, and debris. Retracts tongue and cheek away from working area. Reduces bacterial aerosol caused by high-speed handpiece.

Rinsing Oral Cavity

Maintains clear operating field for the dentist and keeps patient comfortable. Two types: limited area rinsing & full-mouth rinse.

Air-water syringe

Used for convenience and accuracy to complete the rinsing process.

Cotton Roll Isolation

Formed, preshaped cotton positioned close to the salivary gland ducts absorbs the flow of saliva and excess water.


A triangular absorbent pad placed over the Stensen's duct blocks flow of saliva and protects the tissues in the area.

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