English unit 5

33 terms by dt_tuck

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- the monster who fought Beowulf


Beowulf's people of southern Sweden


Anglo-Saxon historian who wrote The Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation

Venerable Bede

a martyr


-feasting hall


King of the Danes in Beowulf


rooster from "Nun's Priest Tale" who listened to flattery


Host of the Tabard Inn in Canterbury Tales

Harry bailly

- head of a convent in Canterbury Tales


remained faithful to Beowulf until he died


was the King of the Danes.


was the center of learning in medieval England

The church

Normans conquered England

In 1066

lived around 500 A.D.

King Arthur

were two characters who were humble Christians.

The Parson and Plowman

more interested in courtly love than in spiritual ideals

The Squire

mine tin and then make their weapons out of bronze


the Canterbury Tales were written in verse

The tales

main characters of the Nun's Priest tale

Chanticleer and Pertelote

is a proverb

a gnome

helped bring learning to medieval England

King Charlemagne

wrote during the fourteenth century


written in four lines per stanza


an epic


is a debate

"The Owl and the Nightingale"

was a riddle

"The Bookworm"

is Breton lay

"Sir Orfeo"

is a ballad

The Twa Sisters



Geoffrey of Monmouth

The history of the kings of Briton


The Book of the Duchesse


Canterbury Tales

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