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Chapter 9 Sec. 1 & 2 Quiz

Election of 1800 running on the Federalist ticket
John Adams for President & Charles Pinckney for Vice President
Election of 1800 running on the Democratic-Republicans ticket
Thomas Jefferson for President & Aaron Burr for Vice President
Wrong Answer for who ran in the Election of 1800
Thomas Jefferson for President & Charles Pickney for Vice President
Marbury v. Madison
Supreme Court Case where Judicial Review principles confirm the ultimate authority of the Supreme Court
Gibbons v. Ogden
Supreme Court held that federal law takes precedence over state law in interstate transportation
McCulloch v. Maryland
Supreme Court held that Congress is allowed to do more than the Constitution expressly authorizes it to do. ie: Elastic Clause
1st Principle of Judicial Reivew
Constitution is the supreme law of the land
2nd Principle of Judicial Reivew
Constitution mus be followed when a conflict between it and any other law exitsts
3rd Principle of Judicial Review
Judicial Branch mu uphold the Constitution and nullify unconstitutional laws
Customs duties
Taxes on imported goods
3rd President of the U.S.
Thomas Jefferson
2nd President of the U.S.
John Adams
What happened in the Election of 1800?
Tie between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr in the Electoral College
If no candidate receives a majority of the Electoral College votes what chooses the President?
House of Representatives
If no candidate receives a majority of the Electoral College votes what chooses the Vice-President?
What did the 12th Amendment require?
Electors now had to vote for the President & Vice President on separate ballots
French philosphy of Lasisse Faire
"let the government do as they please" Jefferson's use meant the government should play as small a role as possible in economic affairs
Judiciary Act of 1801
Established regional courts with 16 judges and other judicial officials
"Midnight Judges"
When John Adams tried to stack the courts with Federalist judges
Who Adams appointed to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
John Marshall
Midnight Judge that Jefferson did not deliver the paperwork and who sued
William Marbury
to withdraw
Invaluable member of Lewis and Clark's expedition
Country that originally controlled the Louisiana Territory
Country that controlled the Louisiana Territory once it was secretly transferred
River that was important for shipping goods
Mississippi River
River that Lewis and Clark started exploring
Missouri River
Port that Napoleon wanted to use to keep control of the Louisiana Territory
Santo Domingo
Led the revolt in Santo Domingo
Toussaint L'Ouverture
Wanted to create an Empire in Europe & the Americas
Napoleon Bonaparte
What power did Jefferson use to purchase the Louisiana Territory?
Treaty making powers
How was the purchase of the Louisiana Territory contrary to Jefferson's beliefs?
He supported a small Federal government and more power to the States
What political party members from Massachusetts threatened to secede?
What political party did Thomas Jefferson help create?