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Which of the following statements about probable cause is correct?
Having probable cause does not mean an arrest has to be made at that moment.
Which of the following should the investigator ponder prior to making an arrest?
Whether the suspect will flee if allowed to remain free
The potential danger to others if the suspect is free
Hardships imposed on the suspect by early incarceration
Once questioning of potential jurors has been completed, what is the challenge that may be used for any reason, except race or gender, to excuse a prospective juror?
Peremptory challenge
When the prosecution is presenting its case, the questioning of witnesses it calls to testify on behalf of the prosecution is called
direct examination
After the defense rests its case, the prosecution has an opportunity for
At what point in the trial process does the judge have the responsibility of instructing the jury on law applicable to the case and of advising the jury of its responsibilities?
Closing arguments
What is the first rule of evidence?
keeping the jury from hearing or seeing improper evidence.
. The responsibility of the prosecution to establish guilt beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt is called the
preponderance of evidence or plantiff
Who carries the burden of going forward with evidence in a trial?
In a civil suit, the party wronged is the plaintiff. What is the burden of proof necessary to win a civil case?
preponderance of the evidence.
A combination of all the elements of crime is most properly referred to as
Corpus Delicti
There are 5 types of evidence identified in the textbook. Which type introduces tangible objects even though they are not identical to real evidence?
Demonstrative, or illustrative
The type of evidence by which an unknown fact is inferred from a series of known facts is called
Circumstantial evidence
An individual who testifies in court and who possesses special skills or knowledge not ordinarily possessed by others, acquired through experience, study, observation, or education and who is permitted to interpret such information for the jury, give opinions and draw conclusions is called
expert witness
Which of the following is a reason why hearsay evidence is inadmissible?
Acknowledgement by a person that he or she is guilty of that crime. unreliable
. Which of the following statement(s) about Crawford v Washington (2004) is/are correct?
made it harder to get hearsay evidence admitted.
An acknowledgement by a person accused of a crime, that he or she is guilty of that crime, is
A command to an individual to appear in court and to bring certain records or documents in his or her possession is called a
supbonea duces tecum
The function of a witness in court is to
is to relate facts within the witness's knowledge.
. The most important characteristic of a good witness is
witness should be prepared.
The process by which individuals swore to tell the truth on the basis of their sacred belief in a supreme being is called a/an.
According to the textbook, for the law enforcement witness, what is the first step in preparation for testifying in court?
The investigator must inform the jury of the matters investigated in the case and present this information so that the jury understands the sequence events and their significance
Regarding the proper clothing to wear while testifying in court, all authorities agree that
Regardless of what is worn it should be neat and clean
The process by which an attorney on cross-examination attempts to discredit or contradict the testimony of a witness to show that the witness is unworthy of belief is called
In the event that the witness cannot remember the facts of the case but used notes or reports as the sole basis of testimony without any independent recall, the term applied is