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US: Pacific States

The Last Frontier
What is Alaska's nickname?
What is the capital of Alaska?
Mt. McKinley
What peak, located in Alaska, is the highest point in North America at 20,320 feet?
What is the other, native name for Mt. McKinley?
petroleum, fishing, forestry, tourism
What are Alaska's key products (4)?
Vitus Bering
In 1741 who explored Alaska on Russia's behalf?
Seward's Folly, Seward's Icebox
What did people call Alaska in a derogatory way when the US purchased the region from Russia in 1867 for $7.2 million dollars?
William H. Seward
This Secretary of State under Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson purchased Alaska from Russia in 1867 for $7.2 million dollars.
Klondike Gold Rush
Name the gold rush, which began in the Yukon Territory in 1890. The massive influx of people contributed significantly to the economic development of Alaska and Northwest Canada.
In 1959, Alaska became the ____ state.
Great Alaska Earthquake
In 1964 this natural disaster hit the Alaska region causing widespread damage and several very destructive tsunamis. It was the worst earthquake ever recorded in the US at 9.2, and it was the 2nd worst earthquake ever measured.
Exxon Valdez
In 1989 this oil tanker dumped huge amounts of oil in the Prince William Sound, causing an environmental disaster.
Prince William Sound
This is the body of water off the coast of Alaska where the Exxon Valdez foundered.
In Alaska, most travel is by sea or by air. There are no what to the state capital.
This state has the largest number of lakes in the US with more than 3 million.
Northern Alaska mostly consists of this biome where only plants like mosses and lichens can grow.
Aloha State
What is Hawaii's state nickname?
What is the capital of Hawaii?
Honolulu is the largest city in Hawaii, name the 2nd largest city which is located on the big island.
On which of the Hawaiian islands will you find the capital Honolulu?
Although there are 8 main islands, how many total islands make up the state of Hawaii?
volcanic activity
How were the Hawaiian Islands formed?
James Cook
In 1778, this English captain visited the Hawaiian Islands.
Sandwich Islands
What did James Cook name the Hawaiin Islands when he discovered them?
Kamehameha I
Name the Hawaiian king who united the islands under his rule (1758-1819).
Queen Liliuokalani
In 1894, this ruler of Hawaii was overthrown and the republic of Hawaii was formed as a result of foreign business interests and the US military. The Island was annexed by the US 4 years later ending the republic.
Pearl Harbor
In 1941, the Japanese attacked the American Pacific fleet at this location and caused the entrance of the United States in World War II.
In 1959, this territory was admitted to the Union as the 50th state.
Does Hawaii observe daylight savings time? (that's when you change the clocks in the spring and fall)
Mauna Loa
This volcano on the big island of Hawaii is the world's most active volcano and the world's largest mountain (if measured by cubic content and not height above sea level).
Mauna Kea
This dormant volcano on the big island of Hawaii is the highest point in the state of Hawaii. It is also the world's tallest mountain at 33,380 feet, but only 13,796 of those feet are above sea level, so its not usually counted.
Mount Waialeale
This is the wettest place on earth.
Evergreen State
What is Washington's nickname?
What is the capital of Washington?
This city is a major port of entry, and it is also the largest city in Washington.
apples, cherries, peas, lumber, aircraft
Name Washington's key products (5).
sugar, pineapples, tourism
Name Hawaii's key products (3).
In 1846 a treaty with this country gave the United States control over Washington.
Mount St. Helens
In 1980, this volcano in Washington state erupted, making it the deadliest and most economically damaging volcanic event in the history of the United States.
rain forest
The Olympic peninsula in Washington is home to a temperate version of this biologically rich biome.
apples and hops
Washington is a national leader in the production of these two agricultural products.
The dried, conical fruit of a special vine that is important for making beer.
Beaver State
What is Oregon's nickname?
What is the capital of Oregon?
What is the largest city in Oregon?
lumber, fishing, grass seed
Name Oregon's key products (3).
Fort Clatsop
In 1805, Lewis and Clark's corps built this fort on the northwest coast of Oregon and spent the winter there.
Oregon Trail
This route started in Independence, Missouri, and went to to Oregon City, Oregon. It was used by pioneers traveling to the Oregon Territory in the 1840s.
Crater Lake
This lake in Oregon is the deepest lake in the United States.
Hells Canyon
This canyon on the Oregon/Idaho border is the deepest canyon in the United States.
D River
This river in Oregon is the shortest in he world at 120 feet long.
Golden State
What is California's state nickname?
What is California's capital?
oranges, grapes, wine, movies, television, computers, tourism
Name California's key products (7).
Father Junipero Serra
In 1769 this Spanish Franciscan monk founded the first mission in California. A mission is a military and religious outpost.
Mexican War
In 1848 the area which is now California was ceded to the United States after this war.
San Francisco
This California city was devastated by an earthquake and subsequent fire in 1906.
England, Spain, Russia
What three countries besides the United States have claimed parts of California in the past?
This is the most populous state in the US.
San Andreas Fault
This famous fault poses a serious earthquake threat to much of California.
Death Valley
This location in California is the lowest point in North America at 282 feet below sea level. The highest temperature ever recorded in he US was recorded here at 134 degrees F.
Mount Whitney
at 14,494 feet, this is the highest peak in he coterminous United States. (coterminous means the lower 48 states without Alaska and Hawaii).