3rd 6 weeks test review Digital and Interactive Media

Digital Art and Animation; Heather Hinds; WT White High School
Acceptable Use Policy
The Dallas ISD policy that dictates what you are allowed to do using District computers
When you create something and document if in a fixed, tangible form of expression, it is protected by this
Public Domain
When copyright has expired on a creative work (or when it never existed), that work is said to be in this
Fair use
When a student uses a small amount of copyright protected material for academic work, he is protected by this
A font with small finishing lines at the end of a letter's strokes is called this kind of font
Sans serif
A font where the letters do not have small finishing strokes at the end of the letter's strokes is called this kind of font
This is the active area where you create your content in Illustrator
A collection of your work designed to show your skills
Vector graphic
A shape comprised of lines that the computer remembers as a mathematical formula
This is a type of graphic that the computer remembers pixels of color in a grid pattern
Pen tool
This is a tool in Illustrator that creates straight paths by clicking to connect anchor points. It also creates curved paths by clicking and dragging on the anchor points
The line on the outside of a shape in Illustrator is called this
The color on the inside of a shape in Illustrator is called this
Anchor points
These are the dots along a path in Illustrator that can be moved to alter the path
These are the (invisible) lines that extend from points that can be moved to alter a vector path
Direct selection tool
This tool allows you to move or select anchor points and handles in Illustrator
Selection tool
This tool allows you to move or select an entire vector path in Illustrator
Digital Citizenship
This is the term used to describe proper online behavior
The color format used for printed material
The color format used for on-screen display
Image trace
Method in Illustrator where a bitmap can be converted into a vector graphic automatically
Live paint
Feature that allows fill colors to be added to traced paths
The term for any stroke or line drawn on an Illustrator artboard
The native format for an Adobe Illustrator file
In order to share a vector graphic with someone who does not have the ability to open documents in Illustrator, this is a good alternative