Psychology Test 2

Your mother asks you to pick up a book at the library that explores the awareness of the outside world and one's own mental activity. If you want pick up the correct book, you should make sure the book specifically focused on exploring all aspects of
consciousness is best defined as
awareness of the outside world and ones own mental activities
A person engaging in biofeedback training is attempting to become aware of ____ process
just before reading this question, you were probably not thinking about your hair color, yet now you can quickly and easily bring that information to your direct awareness. Your knowledge of your hair color resides in your ____ level of consciousness
Samira is working on a crossword puzzle. Although she doesn't realize it, she has seen this crossword puzzle before- she worked on it when it was in a different newspaper some time ago. Samira may end up solving this crossword relatively quickly because of
The juju bunny candy company is trying to decide whether to use subliminal messages placed in movies to boost their sales at refreshment stands. As a consultant to the juju bunny candy company, you would advise them to
scrap the idea and just go with a regular ad before the movies because subliminal messages have little effect
Chang listens to music by Death Cab for Cutie that is supposed to contain the backward message, "it is fun to read my psychology textbook. "If Chang's experience is consistent with research on subliminal messages, how will he be affected?
He will no be able to quote the message, and he will not read his psychology textbook
After taking some medication, you think you see and hear a small pink elephant run through living room your living room. In this case, you are most likely experiencing a(n)
When Maria enters Sylvia's room, she sees her sleeping roomate twitching. In addition, Maria notices that Sylvias eyes are moving beneath her eyelids. Sylvia is most likely in ____ sleep.
Terrel's sleep patterns are being monitored by doctors in a sleep clinic. After he falls asleep, the doctors notice that his brain waves, heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure resemble that of an awake, alert person for brief periods, terrell is experiencing
REM sleep
REM sleep is sometimes referred to as paradoxical sleep because
physiological arousal is similar to thatto that of an awake person, but muscle movements are suppressed
During typical night's sleep, a sleeper will cycle through the sleep stages ____ times, with each cycle lasting about ____ minutes
four to six; ninety
Wally awoke screaming, shaking, and sweating, and his heart was beating rapidly. Ward and June, being good parents, had Wally hooked up to an electrencephalogram. checking Wally' EEG, they noted that Wally was stage 4 sleep just before he awoke. From this information, they felt confident in saying that Wally had just experiences a
night terror
Ozzy is flying from Chicago to Paris, and he will be coming back after a week. His jet lag symptoms will
be worse when he arrives in Paris (eastward travel)
Who would make the worst hypnotic subject
carmello, who processes information very slowly
Mitch takes drug and feels that his behavior is more rapid and energetic, and he notices that he can work more quickly when he takes this drug. His friends observe that Mitch is also more anxious and worries that others are watching him when he is using this drug. Mitch is most likely taking
an amphetamine
Learning is best defined as
a relatively permanent change in behavior or knowledge due to experience
In Pavlov's classical conditioning experiment, the meat powder was the
unconditioned stimulus
If a tone is sounded each time a puff of air is delivered to your eye, tone alone will eventually cause you to blink. In this example, the ____ is the conditioned stimulus and the blink response to the ___ is the conditioned response
tone; tone
A child who has a conditioned fear response toward Santa Claus reacts with fear