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What is trunking?

Switch's interface carries traffic of multiple VLANs

What is static routing?

Administrator programs specific paths between nodes

What devices do we use to configure VLANs?

Switch software

What is a VLAN?

Logically separate networks within networks
Groups ports into broadcast domain

In STP what device acts as guide to set the best path between switches?

Root bridge

What identifies a VLANs data?

Frame contains VLAN identifier in header

What is the most popular expansion board type for a NIC? (PCI, PCIe, AGP, etc.)

PCI bus
- 32- or 64-bit bus
- Clock speeds rated at 33-, 66- or 133-MHz
- Maximum data transfer rate: 1 Gbps
- Introduced by Intel (1992)
- Latest official version: 3.0 (2004)

What layer does a router operate at?

Network Layer 3

What layer does a hub operate at?

Physical layer 1

What layer does a bridge operate at?

Data Link layer 2

What IEEE standard does firewire use?

IEEE 1394 standard (1995)

Can either switching method determine if packets are corrupt?

Store-and-forward mode

Store-and-Forward Mode

• Switch reads entire data frame into memory
- Checks for accuracy before transmitting information
• Advantage over cut-through mode
- Transmit data more accurately
• Disadvantage over cut-through mode
- More time consuming
• Best use
- Larger LAN environments; mixed environments
- Can transfer data between segments running different transmission speeds

Cut-Through Mode

• Cannot detect corrupt packets
- May propagate flawed packets
• Advantage
- Speed
• Disadvantage
- Data buffering (switch flooded with traffic)
• Best use
- Small workgroups needing speed
- Low number of devices

What are the two switch modes we discussed in the power point and how do they differ in the way they handle packets?

Store-and-forward mode & cut through. Cut through is faster. Store-and -forward transmits data more accurately.

What is a switch and what does it do?

Subdivide network
Smaller logical pieces, segments
• Operate at layers 3 and 4 (advanced)
• Interpret MAC address information

What is a transceiver and is a NIC one?

Connectivity device that sends and receives data.

What is a bridge?

Connects two network segments. Analyzes incoming frames and decide where to send.
Based on frame's MAC address

What is a repeater and how does it differ from a hub?

Simplest connectivity device regenerating signals. One input port; one output port. Hub has multiple data ports.

What is a hub and how many ports does it have?

Connectivity device that repeats signal in broadcast fashion. Repeater with more than one output port.

What layer does switches operate on?

Data Link 2

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