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Exactly what the title says! :)


Anything that has mass and takes up space


An explaination or representation of something that cannot be seen


A collection of atoms that all have the same number of protons


Chemicals that result from atoms linking together

Physical change

A change that affects the appearence but not the chemical makeup of a substance

Chemical change

A change that alters the makeup of the elements or molecules of a substance


One of three forms- solid, liquid, or gas- which every substance is capable of attaining


The random motion of molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration


A measurement of how much solute exists within a certain volume of a solvent

Semipermeable membrane

A membrane that allows some molecules to pass through but does not allow other molecules to pass through


The tendency of a solvent to travel across a semipermeable membrane into areas of higher soulte concentration


A substance that alters the speed of a chemical reaction but is not used up in the process

Organic molecule

A molecule that contains only carbon and any of the following: Hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen,sulfur, and/or phosphorous


The process by which living organisms produce larger molecules from smaller ones


Two different molecules that have the same chemical formula


Simple carbohydrates that contain 3 to 10 atoms


Carbohydrates that are made up of two monosaccharides


Carbohydrates that are made up of more than two monosaccharides

Dehydration reaction

A chemical reaction in which molecules combine by removing water


Breaking down complex molecules by the chemical addition of water


Lacking any affinity to water

Saturated fat

A lipid made from fatty acids that have no double bonds between carbon atoms

Unsaturated fat

A lipid made from fatty acids that have at least one double bond between barbon atoms

Peptide bond

A bond that links amino acids together in a protein

Hydrogen bond

A strong attraction between hydrogen atoms and certain other atoms (usually oxygen or nitrgoen) in specific molecules

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