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process of sending and receiving messages to share thoughts and feelings

"I" message

is a statement that expresses your feelings, but does not blame or judge the other person

active listening

Listening with understanding and paying close attention to what is being said


not active; someone who lets things happen rather than himself taking action


quick to attack; inclined to hostile actions; assertive; bold and energetic


Direct and respectful in the way one expresses oneself

body language

nonverbal communication through gestures, facial expressions, behaviors, and posture

eye contact

a meeting of the eyes between two people that expresses meaningful nonverbal communication


people working together for a common goal


to settle a dispute by terms agreeable to both sides


a significant relationship between two people that is based on caring, trust, and consideration

gender roles

behaviors that tend to be associated with being male or female


an exclusive group bound together by some shared quality or interest

peer pressure

the influence that people your age may have on you


Feelings of intense attraction to another person

dating violence

a pattern of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse that occurs in a dating relationship

date rape

rape in which the rapist is known to the victim (as when they are on a date together)

emotional intimacy

refers to the openness, sharing, affection and trust that can develop in a close rlationship


act of refraining from

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