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Translate: to live


Translate: to leave


Translate: to study


Translate: to lister


Translate: to laugh


Translate: the courtyard

la cours

Translate: to eat lunch


Translate: to take a test

passer un examen

Translate: to raise, lift up


Translate: to pose a question

poser une question

Translate: to hate


Translate: to spend the day


Translate: a binder

un classeur

Translate: a piece of paper

une feuille de papier

Translate: a pencil

un crayon

Translate: a ruler

une regle

Translate: a pen

un stylo

Translate: a backpack

un sac a dos

Translate: a calculator

un calculatrice

Translate: an eraser

une gomme

Translate: a book

un livre

Translate: a thousand


Translate: a stationary store

une papeterie

Translate: how much is it?

c'est combien?

Translate: to buy


Translate: to pay


Translate: to listen


Translate: a little

un peu

How do you make the stem for the present tense with er verbs?

take the er off

What are the present tense endings for ER verbs?

e, es, e, ons, ez, ent

Conjugate "to study"

tu etudies
il etudie
nous etudions
vous etudiez
ils etudient

Conjugate "to speak"

Je parle
tu parles
il parle
nous parlons
vous parlez
ils parlent

What does "on" mean?

one, as in one speaks. We use the universal "you" or we instead.

What does "des"become in a negative sentence?


What does "un/une"become in a negative sentence?


Translate: She does not watch any vidoes

Elle ne regarde pas de videos

When you have two verbs what form does the second verb have?

the infinitive

Translate: I like to dance

j'aime danser

Translate: We hate to study

nous detestons etudier

Translate: We do not adore to work

nous n'adorons pas travailler

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