The Roman Republic

Rome Chapter
Epic poem written by Virgil which tells the legendary story of Aeneas, a Trojan who travelled to Italy, where he became the ancestor of the Romans.
Mountain range north of Italy separating & isolating the Italian peninsula from Europe.
Two officials from the patrician class were appointed each year of the Roman Republic to supervise the government and command the armies
The city market and meeting place for government in the center of ancient Rome.
An ancient region and roman province that included most of present day france
General of Carthage who marched his army from Spain to Rome in the Second Punic War
The hereditary aristocracy or ruling class of ancient Rome.
Peloponnesian Wars
A war fought between Athens and Sparta in the 400s BC, ending in a victory for Sparta.
Persian Wars
A series of wars between Greek city-states and the Persian Empire (5th century B.C.).
Member of the lower class in ancient Rome, including farmers, merchants, artisans, and traders who made up the largest part of Roman citizens.
Punic Wars
A series of three wars between Rome and Carthage (264-146 B.C.); resulted in the destruction of Carthage and Rome's dominance over the western Mediterranean.
Twin of Romulus; raised by she-wolf; was killed by Romulus.
Representative Democracy
A government in which citizens choose a smaller group to govern on their behalf.
Legendary founder of Rome
Twelve Tables
The earliest written collection of Roman laws, drawn up by patricians about 450 B.C. that became the foundation of Roman law.
Roman Slaves
Prisoners of war who were used for work in mines, agricultural labor, household care and tutoring, but NOT military service.

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